Monday, July 4, 2011

Stage Show and Public Appearance Helmets

I think I mentioned this before but I decided to go over this, how different costumes and helmets are for public appearances than on for the show. Most of them have holes inside the visors, which is not seen on the show and it is probably because the people in the suits have to be in there for extended periods of time and it can be hot in there, so it is ventilate them. Granted, most public appearances are just less than two hours but you never know.

Above Ranger Green costume is from Disney World Hollywood Studios, which later is seen with Saban at the Licensing Expo. You can see tiny holes on the white part of his helmet.

You can see tiny holes on White Dino Ranger's helmet.

Licensing Expo recently.

Time Force Pink seemed to have a part of the visor to be clear and have another part withe holes behind the visor.

The recent Samurai Ranger suits for public appearances have holes in the visors.

Operation Overdrive Ranger with holes in visor.

Gokaiger helmets with holes in visors.

Zyuranger stageshows, holes in helmets and cuffs are different.

Also the buckles were of cheaper quality.

GoseiBlack with holes in visor.

DekaBreak above, they don't always use the ones with holes.



Anonymous said...

The holes are primarily used so the suit actors can see better. Those holed helmets are mostly used during filming when the actors are shot from a distance and during public appearances. For closeup shots, they use helmets without visible holes on the visors.

Luca said...

Thanks for posting pics of some of my favorites. (White Dino Ranger who looks freaking hot and I know you posted twice for me, GoseiBlack AKA the butler ranger, and DekaBreak who also looks cool)

Anonymous said...

what about kamen riders?? or are there more public appearances of super sentai