Monday, July 4, 2011

POLL RESULTS: RPM, Hyuga/Justin/Skull and henshin0's opinion

Do you concider RPM to be continuity: YES IN THE FUTURE (142 votes; 51%)

Yes in 2009 (110 votes; 39%)
Not at All (62 votes; 22%)
Yes in the Future (142 votes; 51%)

Since Teruaki Ogawa is returning as Hyuga for Gingaman Tribute, do you think he will return for Kakuranger Tribute, since he was Ninja Red: Yes (138 votes; 51%)

Yes (138 votes; 51%)
No (30 votes; 11%)
Maybe (73 votes; 27%)
Don't Know (29 votes; 10%)

Would you want Blake Foster to be Red Ranger in the future: For Goseiger Adaptation (109 votes; 39%)

For Goseiger Adaptation (109 votes; 39%)
For Gokaiger Adaptation (83 votes; 29%)
For something else (79 votes; 28%)
Not at all (88 votes; 31%)

Would you want Skull to come back to the show: Cameo in PRS (199 votes; 70%)

Cameo in PRS (199 votes; 70%)
Full time (97 votes; 34%)
As a Ranger (46 votes; 16%)

What Color Ranger would you want Skull to be if he was to be a Power Ranger: Silver (102 votes; 40%)

Red (34 votes; 13%)
Green (64 votes; 25%)
Blue (31 votes; 12%)
Black (92 votes; 36%)
Silver (102 votes; 40%)

Frankly, the latter three results were unexpected to me. No offense if my following opinions about the results are...well offensive against your votes. Well, both Skull posts are different from what I expected, although is having him appear in samurai for one or two episodes better than a whole season? But what I find interesting is how much you want Justin to be Gosei Red more than Gokai Red. Honestly, getting him to be the prior would be harder to write than the latter. But what is even more interesting, is that you want him to not appear at all, rather than be gokaired.

It just so happens that Blake, Jason and I, are working on a peliminary script to propose to saban. We are formulating it carefully to get around all the Cons of adapting the season, particularly canon and having footage with the 34 teams. It started with having Blake be the red ranger (which is the jumping off point in the brain-storm).

While trying to work on a general idea of what the main cast would be like, and thought not only should Skull come back, but also mix things up by having him be a ranger, because not only is green perfect for his character, but also Skull kinda deserved it.

We didn't have anything in mind for Cyberon (Barizorg), but after watching a parody video made by Jason Chan, I thought it would be cool if he came back, only to find that it was a perfect saban-esque idea to have cyber-cam be the adaptation for Sid (barizorg's human form). needless to say, he accepted.

What however was in our original brainstorm, is have an actor/actress of an old-school villain to come back as a new villain. It was obvious we were all thinking of Goodson as Insarn. After some time waiting for an answer, we are proud to say that as of thursday, we got our actress for Insarn.
We are still in a "fan-fic" phase, but are actually making some progress, and are confident it would pull through. I thank you for your moral support, but please don't send tag requests on face book, because we are not look for audition canditates until after the proposal.

lastly, in case if there's no free wifi in Israel, I would like to give props to Lavender Ranger for the awesome patriotic banner....

...and to the readers, have a morphin' aquatian summer vacation!


Anonymous said...

I'd really, really, like to see Gokaiger adapted with ALL 34 past ranger teams. My biggest fear is not canon because Power Ranger canon is always inconsistent and doesn't matter too much. But the question raised is whether or not Saban will listen to fans for the 34 team adaptation. I'd really like to see those suits used in the production.

Like, the excuse of just not using the suits or footage because it causes confusion is just a really bad excuse and something similar or sort will be detrimental. Besides, they work something out with the 34 teams.

Luca said...

My thoughts after actually READING the article, not just skimming it:

I don't even think I lasted until the end of RPM, so I honestly don't know if they set it up for a sequel. Like all seasons of PR, it didn't have much of a plotline. All I know is I wish it was more well known. As in... Competing with MMPR.

I agree that Justin wouldn't be the best GoseiRed. He doesn't look very angelic with his dark spiky hair.

Cameos are awesome. If Skull appears, is should just be in a cameo unless the actor wants to be in the series for the full time. Frankly, I'd rather not be reminded of MMPR.

As a reference to NS, include Cyber Cam in the plotline having mutated into Barizorg (or whatever you decide to call him in your version).

A few weeks ago, I was in a summer camp. The youngest member was 8, and he liked PR. He said his favorite season was Turbo because one of the rangers was a child like him. He also seemed to love MMPR (as well as the anime Dinosaur King because he was obsessed with dinosaurs). He even drew the MMPR rangers for me. (yeah...) I can't believe that someone born so late after the origanal Saban ACTUALLY prefers it. He doesn't even seem to know that much about the later Power Rangers. He didn't have much to say when I told him about DT and RPM, and he didn't even seem to know there was a white Dino Thunder ranger.

Also later this summer, I went on vacation to Universal Studios, and I saw two different people there (approximately several years older than me) with MMPR shirts. I'd appreciate it if I could find a single shirt for sale in my size that had Power Rangers other than MMPR on it. Heck, I wouldn't even care if it was Zeo (although I'd prefer RPM).

Douglas said...

personally i'd rather Justin stay Turbo Blue.

as for Gokaiger i could see them using the old teams and if they can't get a vetern they can hire someone for an episode to represent that team. like the first 5 or so could be said to be a secret government team like the MIB so it'd make sense why the current teams wouldn't know of them while the rest could've been in other states or country since i doubt only California would get attacked.

Anonymous said...

For the gokaiger adaption they should do something where like the bad guys took over the world and the gokaigers have to find the past rangers that have went in hiding.

Drunken Lemur said...

Wait wait wait. Are you saying that this blog as some connection to previous actors and creative staff members for Power Rangers? I always thought it was just a fan run thing. This is actually really cool.

henshin0 said...

@anonymous#2 actually I've worked out a different thing for that. It's not so much that I don't appreciate your input, but I doubt they would go into hiding. In fact, if you look at past seasons, when they faced those odds, they just did a last ditch effort to fight the final villains without their helmets, or withought their costumes entirely. In my adaptation, the morphing grid is completely destroyed, as in no running, no hiding, and most importantly, no fighting (with small exeptions)

Lavender Ranger said...

No. no. I have to clarify the blog itself and Lavender Ranger has no connection. Henshin0 has simply just spoken to some voice actors and former actors at a convention, that's all.

Luca said...

At the most recent anime convention I went to, the voice actor for Zedd was there, but I didn't go looking for him. I went to this one panel about toku (titled Morphinominal, *sigh*) and I was the only one there who hated giant robots and watch toku almost entirely for the hot guys.

henshin0 said...

To be more exact, I'm actuall friends with with some of the actors. I was in fact friends with Blake and Jason before ever going on any anime/tv show/comic/etc convention. Paulie, on the other hand, I did first meet in a convention. In fact, Blake was the one who taught me some of the advanced karate moves I know. But lavender is right, this is a fan blog that currently has no direct affiliation to the show, that happens to have a staff member with personal connections.

henshin0 said...

Also, pmc2 was the only of such conventions i'v ever been to, and goseiger was still in it's early 20's. But I did get to meet mr s from C's toys (the #1 Japanese online toy provider, order now!) just kidding, I'm not an official sponcer of anything.