Friday, July 1, 2011

Non-Color Ranger Names

I was kinda bored, I meant to do this before:
Phantom Ranger
The first 'Ranger' to have a name without a color and just another word. Phantom obviously is not a color, but meaning a ghostly apiration (sp).

Magna Defender
No matter if he was a Ranger or not, but he took the spot and even when Mike donned the armor, he still had the same name. I still have no idea what a Magna is and why it would need defending.

Titanium Ranger
Titanium is a chemical element and transition metal with a silver color.

Quantum Ranger
In physics, a quantum (plural: quanta) is the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction. He is the first Red Ranger to not have 'Red' as a title.

Lunar Wolf Ranger
He is the first and not last Silver Ranger to have a non-color name. This in my own opinion that was the first name to be accurate.

Triassic Ranger
Just a power-up but treated toy-wise as a sixth ranger. The Triassic is a geologic period that extended from about 250 to 200 Mya (million years ago). Styracosaurus was from the Cretaceous Period and his megazord was called Mezodon for some reason.

Omega Ranger
Omega is from the Greek Alphabet meaning 'Last.' My bad, I said Latin.

Shadow Ranger
How was he shadow-y? Because of his dark colors?

Kat Ranger
It has orange but considered to be a White Ranger, she had orange, white and black. She was obviously called 'Kat' for her character Kat.

Nova Ranger
Maybe because she only appeared in one episode. Omega is a Latin symbol, Nova is not, Nova is an astrological phenomenon.

Solaris Knight
Solaris clearly meaning the sun. With 'Knight' it is debated if he was a Ranger but he indeed was one.

Mercury Ranger
The Mercury they refer to is a chemical element that is silver-y.

Elephant, Bat, and Shark Rangers
All the Jungle Fury Rangers had animal names including Wolf Ranger and Rhino Ranger.


Anonymous said...

Magna is a latin term meaning great, as in "magnificent". Thus, he's the Defender who is Magnificent, not the defender of only things that are Magnificent.

Mugen said...

Ah the Triassic Ranger....Dino Thunder for sure knows how to mess things up.
Bet Tommy stole his Doctorate in Paleontology, given that he is a terrible paleontologist....
Conner: Why is it called Triassic, if I'm powered by Cretaceous Dinosaurs?
Tommy: Because I say so! You got an idea who I am? I'm the goddamn Tommy Oliver!

Also Magna means Great, s MagnaDefender is presumbly great at defending things.

Anonymous said...

Omega is the last word of GREEK alphabet.