Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gokaiger: What would make ME happy

UPDATED 1/22/12
I love Gokaiger so far. Everyone loves Gokaiger so far (okay maybe not everyone). I have no complaints. But what would make me sublimely happy and a tad disappointed if they don't follow through is with one-color Final Wave attacks (like Blue had in Episode 4) and the whole team becoming one color because...

In Goseiger Vs. Shinkenger, the pre-show stageshow and Episode 2, the Gokaiger became all Red. In the teamup, it was girls: Geki Red, Magi Red, boys: Bouken Red, Deka Red, and Go-On Red. In Episode 2, it was GekiRed, GoseiRed, ShinkenRed, GaoRed and MagiRed. In the stageshow, the girls became DekaRed and ShinkenRed.

In Episode 3, they turned into Black warriors: Go-On Black, Ninja Black and AbareBlack

In Episode 3, they turned into White warriors: Big One, GaoWhite and White Swan.

Recently in Episode 18, the Gokaiger became all the Silvers, of course except for DekaBright, who doesn't seem to have a Ranger Key. They became Go-On Silver, Gao Silver, Bouken Silver, Gosei Knight and Mega Silver.

What I am hoping for is...
All Blue
Here I put: Diamond Jack, MagiBlue, DekaBlue, HurricaneBlue, Go-On Blue and Ao Ranger

My rendition..
Hurricane Blue, Blue Swallow and Magi Blue boys and Shinken Blue and Gosei Blue girls. Easier when you draw it.

All Yellow
Time Yellow, GaoYellow, Ginga Yellow (Photo Manipulation), Yellow Turbo (Photo Manipulation), Dyna Yellow and Geki Yellow.

My rendition:
Girls: Go Yellow, Gao Yellow; Boys: Geki Yellow, Abare Yellow and Yellow Racer.

All Green
Magi Green (Photo Manipulation), Dragon Ranger, Go-On Green, Clover King, Shinken Green (Photo Manipulation) and Shurikenger

My Rendition:
Boys: Ginga Green, Go-On Green and Green Flash. Girls: Green Sai and Shishiranger.

All Pink
Pteraranger, Deka Pink (Photo Manipulation), Pink Turbo (Photo Manipulation), Houhouranger, and MagiPink (Photo Manipulation) and Ginga Pink (Photo Manipulation).

All Pink
My Rendition:
Girls: Five Pink, Deka Pink. Boys: Time Pink, Bouken Pink and Pteraranger.

I mean if these things don't happen, that is just fine. These things don't HAVE to happen.

By Episode 47, these changes have happened, so I'm HAPPY!


Anonymous said...

"Everyone likes gokaiger" Yeah not this guy, i only like the mechs and suit designs AT MOST.

Godzilla606 said...

thats odd you think dekabright would be an extra hero, but i guess not

ZahidS said...

Where did that picture of female ShinkenGreen come from?
I don't think I've seen it before.

Anonymous said...

I could see an all-pink finisher playing into a "the girls team up and win on their own" episode, but I'd be really surprised if that involved the guys turning into pink rangers.

henshin0 said...

Not to sound anal, but the blue five-blade wave was in episode 4, episode 5was the deka-tribute

Drunken Lemur said...

You kind of left Gai out of all of these, though I'm not sure if he can transform into anything but Sixth Rangers. If that's the case it's kind of a detriment, getting stuck with only sixteen keys besides his own.

Lavender Ranger said...

true, i'll take care of it.

Mark-Anthony said...

For the green ones, I don't think they'll have him be dragonranger because he is a sixth...what about all white, and all black ranger!

Douglas said...

i hope when they get the extra keys they all turn into them especially if they do the other colors.

Gibken said...

What I would make me happy in Gokaiger is if later in the series, They get their own robot Extra Hero who could insert the Extra Ranger & Hero Keys into itself! And another thing in Gokaiger that would make me really happy is an Ohranger tribute episode! Guest Staring Ohred! Gokaioh does his impression of Ohblocker with its Blocken Crush and the Gokaiger crew in military uniforms and running an obstacle course!

Anonymous said...

How could anyone possibly dislike Gokaiger?