Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mythical Destiny Online August 31st

Finally finished with my fan film Mythical Destiny. It took 2 years and it's not perfect and there are lots of things I wish I could fix. It is what it is, no excuses. Have a laugh. This was much harder than I originally thought. I shot this in the span of two summers, I didn't shoot anything at all during fall, winter or spring because of work, family problems and scheduling. All that could go wrong went wrong, my camera broke down (that's why some scenes are blurry--I did get a new camera), I got a mono microphone so some of the sound is off, some things you can't understand what they are saying, two people moved away and I had to re-cast one of the Rangers, so all the mistakes I'm using to go along with the comedy effect.

It's a comedy hands down. Anywayz, I'm going to have a big premiere with my friends on August 30th and it will be online on the YouTube channel August 31st and I will later post it here on Henshin Grid. The 30th I will have a big premiere with my friends with a fake red carpet in a big university auditorium and will take pictures and post them up here.


Vickram101 said...

Can't wait to see it. Download it and fix the Audio and Video issues with it like what i did to your updated trailer. XD

Lavender Ranger said...

I rather you not do it, thanks, I appreciate but I'll handle it.