Monday, August 22, 2011

Rebunked Rumor: Baruganger

Turn out to be redunked.
New copyright for Super Sentai 2012:

 第12類 船舶並びにその部品及び附属品,航空機並びにその部品及び附属品,鉄道車両並びにその部品及び 附属品,自動車並びにその部品及び附属品,二輪自動車・自転車並びにそれらの部品及び附属品,
乳母車,人力車,そり,手押し車,荷車,馬車,リヤカー,タイヤ又はチューブの修繕用ゴムはり 付け片
【氏名又は名称】村下 憲司

(190) Country - Japan Patent Issued (JP) (441) - 22
August 2011 - Publication date (2011.8.22)
Patent and Trademark Gazette published [type]
(210) - Commercial Application No. Application No. 2011-53349 - (T2011-53349)
(220) - 21 July 2011 - the date of filing (2011.7.21)
(540) - Genki Sentai Baruganger Trademarks [Standard Characters]
(511) - the designated goods or designated services and categories of goods and services - Unique parts and accessories thereof 12 Ships, aircraft and their parts and accessories, parts and accessories thereof trains, automobiles and their parts and accessories, bicycle parts and accessories, motorcycles, Carriages, rickshaws, sleds, wheelbarrows, carts, carriages, carts, small gum paste for repairing tires or tubes
(731) [the applicant] - Identification number - 592068428 Toei Co., Ltd. - - the name or designation
(740) [agent] - Identification number - 100096596
[Attorney] the name or designation

Dukemon22 of Rangerboard:
The new sentai is called "Genki Sentai Baruganger". (元輝戦隊バルガンジャー), could also be Motoki Sentai Baruganger.

Ataruman of Ragerboard:
The "Genki"/"Motoki" here has a literal translation of "Original Radiance". The "Valgan"/"Balgan"/"Valg"/"Balg" could be anything at this point.

Gold Samurai of Rangerboard:
Genki as in 元輝. 元 means former/origin. 輝 means shine/sparkle. Although I don't know where Barugan is from. But still, searching for 2011-53349 leads to nothing.

Lavender Ranger:
Don't forget it has been a year since Gokaiger's copyright was revealed. Actually, the copyright was revealed at the beginning of September. We got color confirmation in October, cast rumors in November and and finally a picture by December.


Anonymous said...

Nice source! Oh wait....

Douglas said...

what does Baruganger mean anyway?

PZ said...

Hmm... If this has the same source of Gokaiger and Fourze, then it might be true, but, correct me if I'm wrong. For this listing of copyright, does it sound like, to anyone else, some sort of old west thing? I mean, with carts and carriages, and the sparkle thing like in a Sheriff star?

Jason 嘉陞 said...

Huh. After reading PZ's comment, I'm starting to think that Barugan comes from "Barrel" and "Gun." Though whether that's likely is questionable.

Lavender Ranger said...

western cowboy-like sentai would e interesting after having pirates this season. especially if they start with 3 like Hurricanger and Gekiranger, both came after anniversary seasons.

Razorclaw said...

Cowboy Sentai? That's actually a fun idea, Lavender Ranger. :)

Luca said...

I'd like to see sentais based on:
Mythical ungulates (unicorns, pegasi, ect)
Rock band members / visual kei
Lucky Cats

The fact that it can be translated as "original source" gives me hope that this will be like the original sentai and not have giant stuff.

Idea for a sentai-

Red- tough male, Infernal Dragon
Black- angsty male, Chaotic Lion
Green- funny male, Psychotic Lizard
White- shy female, Angelic Peacock
Gold- arrogant male, Coronal Scarab
Silver- smart male, Metallic Crane

Anonymous said...

Okay, something just popped up on HJU, apparently dukemon22 didn't find Baruganger listed with the new copyrights that just went up. Not sure what that means yet, but thought you should know.