Saturday, September 4, 2010

2011 Sentai News: Goukaiger

It is now rumored that the upcoming 2011 Super Sentai will be pirate themed. Dukemon22 of Toku Insider says Goukai means "heart, freespirited, heroic". But it can also mean "The Ocean of Karma." It's also possible the word "Kai" or shell has something to do with the name. If the "G" is switched to a "K", then we get the word Koukai, or "High Seas". The Henshin Device will indeed be a belt, the rangers can transform into past rangers by placing figures of them into their belt and the rangers don't actually travel at sea, but go from land to land in a Pirate-fashion, meeting up with old heroes. I hope this stays true because Goseiger rumors changed from September to December last year.

Here is the copyright confirmation from one site Dukemon22 pulled up:
 第30類 茶,コーヒー及びココア,菓子及びパン,調味料,穀物の加工品,ぎょうざ,サンドイッチ,しゅうまい,すし,たこ焼き,肉まんじゅう,ハンバーガー ,ピザ,べんとう,ホットドッグ,ミートパイ,ラビオリ,米,脱穀済みのえん麦,脱穀済みの大麦,食用粉類
【氏名又は名称】村下 憲司

Rough Translation:
(190) - Japan Patent Office issuing country (JP)
(441) - Release date - August 26, 2010 (2010.8.26)
Publication Type: Gazette publication
(210) - request for commercial application number 2010-60000 (T2010-60000)
(220) - Filing Date - July 30, 2010 (2010.7.30)
(540) - Trademark notice: Pirate Sentai Gokaija (Pirate Squadron Goukeiger)
(511) - designated goods or designated services and the classification of goods and services; Tea, cocoa and coffee, bread and sweets, condiments, processed products of grains, Gyoza, sandwiches, Shaomai, sushi, Takoyaki, hamburgers, pizza, hot dogs, meat pies, ravioli, rice, barley, edible flour (Un-translatable items have been removed)
(731) - The applicant Identification number [592068428]
Toei Co., Ltd.
Identification number [100096596]
Attorney: Shimomura Kenzi

  • Summer 2011- Goukaiger VS Super sentai ~Battle Chapter~
    this would be paired with the OOO's summer movie
  • Winter 2011- Goukaiger VS Super Sentai ~Warrior Chapter~
  • Spring 2012- Kaizoku Sentai Goukaiger THE MOVIE
    this is a strange scheduling.

Check out more spoilers and rumors at Toku Insider


Mr. Nurgle said...

Super Sentai: Decade!

I'd imagine this is for the 35th anniversary?

Lavender Ranger said...

Those are the rumors, that it is for the 35th anniversary, but we'll see how long this rumors stands or if it will become true.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I cant belive the new Super Sentai 35th years anniversary in 2011!!
Now there is a Pirates Squadron; Goukaiger!!?


Mark said...

Can someone say MARKETABLE?!

nathan said...

i like the idea but i just one the pirate sentai no cards or anything like decade

nathan said...

i love the pirate theme but not the deacade idea i wonder if they do this theme if the mech will have sea animals

Anonymous said...

I sending the suggestion for new Super Sentai in 2011; Super Sentai 35th years anniversary; Bugs squadron Bugranger...


GodzillaWolf said...

I don't think the whole 'Decade-like' thing is true, it seems like just a rumor. I love the Pirate theme though.

Anonymous said...

lol.super sentai version of decade.and figures for keys?WEIRD.and whats with the pirate theme?and wanted posters?