Thursday, September 2, 2010

Super Sentai Villains Headquarters Part 3

Black Cross Army (Goranger)
I have some episodes and the movie but there didn't seem to be a stable headquarters. Above is the big boss.

I didn't see JAKQ bt in the Goranger vs. JAKQ, the bad guys gathered in this conference room.

Egos (Battle Fever J)
This cult had a totally tiled place, walls and floor was tiled. And it lead to two set sof steps to their idol.

Vader Clan (Denjiman)
They went along in a big sip and inside was like a cave with fog.

Black Magma (Sun Vulcan)
Very grey place with their symbol in the back and lights and computer-like environment around.

Deathdark (Goggle V)
It had a dungeon-like place, with their boss stuck in glass in the back wiht lights and a long red carpet.

Tailed-People Clan Evilution Empire (Dynaman)
I like the steam coming from above and the chess-like floor with large circle with orange and fire fire look. The place is like a fortress.

Neo Gear Empire (Bioman)
Very scientific looking but very streamlined, with blue and silver and triangle shapes.

Gozma (Changeman)
Very scientific looking with tubes, computers, lights, and orbs.

Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess (Flashman)
Calling them the Mess was an understatement as the costumes want to make me throw up. I did like the leader's costume though. Fog on the floor, a couple of missle-shaped consoles and totally darkness was their set.

Underground Empire Tube (Maskman)
Elaborate as it was supposed to be underground, it had a sort of cave look with a pool of water and a throne and green carpet.

Armed Brain Army Volt (Liveman)
The set was put in front of the Earth with five steps, some glass, some grey, no much to it.

Hundred Violent Demon Tribe (Turboranger)
It was all fog and purple and pink colors in the background with four to five steps. It had a big floor. It seems the Sentai producers didn't start getting elaborate until Bandora in Zyuranger.

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Fantasy Leader said...

I disagree. I wouldn't say Bandora's was any more elaborate than the stuff that came before. I think Bioman's Gear was wear it got elaborate. Just look at it compared to Dynaman's Jashinka. HUGE difference.