Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Super Sentai Villains Headquarters Part 1

Since I did the Sentai headquarters of 1990-2010 and also the Villain headquarters of Power Rangers, so here are the Sentai ones...

The place where the Orgs hung out was called the Martix and it was a cave, with the giant Org Master figurehead with stones and stuff. It caved-in in the end and then in Hurricanger vs. Gaoranger, it was revealed that they survived.

The Centipede was in space and then landed in the water and was a bit like the evil headquarters in Gekiranger. In later episode when the heroes went inside, there was a hall with columns and red carpet. In the main hall, there was Tao Zanto, the leader and fire around him and columns and draiwngs of beetles. In front of him was the Jakanja symbol that became a screen to see out. Chuzubo and Manmaruba had their own rooms. Sargain had his own big place for his giant robos.

The outside was what became the Zeltrax Zord in Dino Thunder, the inside was briefly seen in the episode "Lost & Found in Translation." The inside was very colorful with mostly purples, oranges and green. It also had organic veins and stuff. They had a funky alien phone. They also had a throne for Makito and table for food. They also had the stuff to make Torinoids.

In Dekaranger, the main villain Alienizer had no headquarters. But when the Three Hell's Siblings had a hideout with large columns and a throne with triangle in the back and fog on the floor.

The Infershia had their main headquarters below a long line of the High Zobiru and Zobiru hanging out in a circle. The throne was at first Branken and then later Memmy. There was the circle for N.Ma. The place for the gods was similar but bigger and had more caverns. In the Magiranger movie, it became like a church for the wedding. Outside of the main spot, there was a lot of caverns and there was the spot on the bottom left picture. There was also the dark river where Wolzard hid.

Dark Shadow's hangout was like a ninja Japanese temple with a bamboo look and a spot for Gekkou. They would usually kneel on the floor. The others didn't have stable hangouts. Gaja once used abandoned places.

The Rin Jū Hall is the primary location of the practitioners of Rin Jūken Akugata, a dojo on the isolated Rin Jū Mountain. This place was muc more complex than the one in Jungle Fury. The outside, where it was like a dojo outside (the bottom right picture), they would use some look-a-like place in Jungle Fury. They had little prisons/rooms on different parts of the mountain. In the back, they had a little 'shack' where the Rinshi would fight each other to become a Rinrinshi. There were big stairs down the main hall, where Mele would mainly hang out. Before that, Maku had the soldiers under the ground. There was also a room full of soldier costumes.

Headquarters of the Gaiark. Hellgailles Palace took up the island it was on and pumping out pollution Their cicadas would fly out from it. It had a machine to pump up the Bankijyu wiht the chemical to make them grow. They had a bar where they would drink alcohol. They had a big flatscreen to see te action. They had stairs leading to somewhere. The main action happened in front of the Gaiark symbol where the 3 Go-Onger defeated Yogostein's dad.

The Gedoushu under Doukoku reside on the Rokumon Junk that sails along the Sanzu River. It is a junk, a junk is a Chinese sailing vessel design dating from ancient times and still in use today. Inside it had red light outside and had steps to go inside, the Susukodama would drop down from the cieling. I think there was another room where Doukoku would hang out at. The Ayakashi would come in from the entrance, mostly from the water.

The Warstar would be inside the Universal Mothership Indevader, a ship. Inside they had a monitor of course and controls for the ship.


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