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Kamen Rider Villain Grunts/Henchmen

UPDATED 9/5/10 6:20 PM EST
By request by Mr. Nurgle, here the footsoliders of Kamen Rider villains. I didn't know Kamen Rider had many grunts. The pictures with the fingernails on them are from this Japanese site.

Shocker Soldiers (KR)
Black uniformed grunts, some which have skeleton markings on their torsos. They are normally easily defeated by the Riders, often without even needing to transform. By the human skin, they had to be human.

These are the other Shocker Soldiers, I don't know their names if they had any. I like the red and black ones.

These were early Shocker Soliders, in which you could see their human faces.

Gei-Shocker Soldiers (Kamen Rider)
I kept seeing these guys but didn't know their names. About the Delza goons and Gel-Shocker soldiers, I have no idea because I haven't seen the series and I am not familiar with much of them. But since the Wikipedia of Gei-Shocker didn't mention it, I had no idea.

Destron Soldiers (V3)
They wear identical black, masked uniforms with a white scorpion design. They serve whoever is in charge. Doktor G's Soldiers wield knives, Baron Fang's had fang-shaped weapons, and Archbishop Wing's wore robes similar when not in combat. There were also Destron Racer Hell Corps, Destron Ranger Corps, Destron Motorcycle Corps, Destron Lady Soldiers, Destron Scientists and Great Leader of Destron's Bodyguards.

Destron Scientists (V3)
The scientists who are loyal to Destron. They appear similar to Destron soldiers, but their masks and uniforms are white, with red print and white lab coats over their uniforms. They are rarely found outside of a Destron base.

G.O.D. Warfare Agents
(KR X)
Warriors who serve as foot soldiers for the Government of Darkness. Not only do they carry spears, they also wield pistols and machine guns and crossbows. They wore black, red belt, gloves, and boots. The back of their capes were black and inside red, with high collars.

Akajusha (Amazon)
Geddon's female foot soldiers, serving as his eyes and ears. Their names meant Red Followers. They wore red jumpsuits with v-shape collars with white fringe trim and white masks.

Kurojusha (Amazon)
The Garanda Empire's foot soldiers. Their name means Black Follower, they wore black with long fringe trim white cape. They had like white goggles.

Black Satan Soldiers (Stronger)
Black owl footsoldiers of Black Satan. Scientists wear the white gown.

Delza Soliders (Stronger)
Apparently they wore different masks depending on the villain in charge but I am not crazy about the black outfits. And judging on my belts, the numbers changes as well, not sure.

Ari Commands (Sky-Rider)
Ant-like common footsoldiers in black of Neo-Shocker organization. I think these are pretty plain.

Skull Assassination Squad (Sky-rider)
Skull-masked footsoldiers of the Neo-Shocker organization under the Great Boss who wield swords and crossbows. These remind me of the Skelanimals or those Skull grunts in Zyuranger.

Dogma Fighters and Dogma Bodyguarders (Super-1)
The Dogma FIghters were The Dogma Kingdom's foot soldiers. They were all red, with black boots and gloves. Scientists wear the white gowns. The bodyguards were in charge of Terror Macro and were higher ranks than General Megirl. The Bodyguarders wore all grey with red helmet, gloves, boots and cape.

Jin Dogma Fighters and Jin Dogma Bodyguards (Super-1)

There were also the Jin Dogma fighters, have a silver mask and silver lines, and bodyguards have a golden mask and golden lines.

Chaps (Black RX)
As I have mentioned before, THESE DID APPEAR in Saban's Masked Rider but they primarily used their own grunts called the Maggots These had white hockey-like masks, white gloves, belts and boots They wore grey, dark green and a pale brown color.

Riot Troopers (555)
Used as mass minions in the 555 movie: Paradise Lost.

Worms (Kabuto)
Generic Worms, The second Worm species, aren't given a specific name. Worms have the ability to molt, revealing a stronger form. They also have the ability to revert back into a

New Mole Imagin (Den-O)
Among the bulk of the massive Imagin army Kai creates for the purpose of destroying Airi are the New Mole Imagin. These Imagin sport black vests, as opposed to the red vests the regular wear, and are armed with numerous other weapons for hands.

Masquerade Dopants (Double)
Funny enough I couldn't find these on Wiki after someone commented on it and couldn't find it in Japanese either until I did a search in English and found this picture. They ahd black masks with a white symbol, somewhat similar to the original Kamen Rider grunts but with black jackets and dress pants with white shirts underneath.

Gelnewts and Sheerghosts (Dragon Knight)
Even though there were no minions in Ryuki, the Gelnewts and Sheerghosts became minions in Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. The Sheerghosts were sort of minions in the Ryuki: Episode Final movie. The Gelnewts were also used as minions by the Oni Brothers in Decade.


Mr. Nurgle said...

A-thank a-you.

Perhaps it should be noted that there were six outfits for the Shocker goons, the familiar skeleton pattern being the fifth.

Anonymous said...

i think only the masqurade dopants

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Mole Imagin from Den-O.

Mr. Nurgle said...

Weren't there some generic Worms, too?

Anonymous said...

Well, I like the Kamen Rider´s in evil organization´s soldier, including other soldier in Heisei series of Mascked Rider is midle...


Mr. Nurgle said...

Oh! And there were the Delza goons. The ones that wore a mask of the monster bossing them around?

Ming said...

I think you left out the Gel-Shocker soldiers.

I recall that the Dai-Shocker/Super Shocker soldiers from Kamen Rider Decade were derived from the familiar skeleton markings and masked Shocker soldiers. Would it be safe to say that all other cannon fodder grunts from the early Kamen Rider shows are part of Dai-Shocker as well?

Lavender Ranger said...

About the Delza goons and Gel-Shocker soldiers, I have no idea because I haven't seen the series and I am not familiar with much of them.

SirStack said...

The Black RX grunts were called Commandoids in Masked Rider. They even appeared in US footage once or twice.