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Power Rangers Video Games

18 years and only 11 games have been released; 7 titles under Saban's reign and 4 under Disney's.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
It is the title of five different video games based on the television series of the same name, which were released for the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Game Gear, and Sega CD. The Nintendo versions of the game were released by Bandai, while the Sega versions were published by Sega themselves. In SNES, you didn't see the Green Ranger at all. In Sega, you could fight the vil Green Ranger and then fight as him. Monsters that appeared in the games were Bones, Gnarly Gnome, Eye Guy, Genie, Dark Warrior, Mutitus, Cyclopsis, Goldar, King Sphinx, Nasty Knight, Shellshock, and Polluticorn. All of these are Zyuranger creations, no Zyu 2. They were released in 1994 and 1995. I only played the Sega version.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie
Four games under the same title were released for the SNES, Sega Genesis, Game Boy and Game Gear. While the games were ostensibly based on the film, they also featured characters and plot elements from the second season of the original TV series. Monsters you fight in the games are: Oozemen, Hornitron, Scorpitron, Putty Patrol, Scarlet Sentinel (Nimrod), AC and DC, Lord Zedd, Goldar, Statue, Ivan Ecto-Morphicon, Mirror Maniac, Cannon Top, Skelerena, Magnet Brain, Silver Horns, Jaws of Destruction, Beam Caster, Tengu, Mordant and Main Frame (??). I only played the Sega version. All of these monsters are Dairanger monsters, 1 Zyuranger villain (Goldar), Kakuranger 'megazords,' and 7 original creations (Zedd, Ivan, Mordant, Tengu, Hornitron, Scorpitron and Oozemen). I don't know who Main Frame is, also unique characters to appear in the video game is a giant Rat (which was going to be in the movie) and a Queen Tenga.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition
It is a fighting game released for the SNES published by Bandai in 1995. You would be controlling one of four Megazords (Thunder Megazord, Mega Tigerzord, Ninja Megazord and Shogun Megazord). You fight all 8 opponents (Thunder Megazord, Mega Tigerzord, Ninja Megazord, Shogun Megazord, Lipsyncher, Silver Horns, Goldar, & Lord Zedd) before finally facing Ivan Ooze. All of these are Dairanger monsters, two Kakuranger robots, one Zyuranger villain (Goldar) and 2 PR creations (Ivan and Zedd).

Power Rangers Zeo: Battle Racers
It was a SNES game released in September 1996 by Bandai. You could play as the six Rangers, King Mondo and Cog solider. Cogs Ace is a secret character. The Gold Ranger is seen to have a Zeo Cycle, he didn't have one in Zeo or Ohranger but a toy was made. The game is often considered to be the only game based on the Zeo series, however another game, Power Rangers Zeo Versus The Machine Empire, was made for the PC and a pinball game titled "Power Rangers Zeo: Full Tilt Battle Pinball" was released for Playstation.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
The PlayStation version was a beat 'em up with Zord battles, the Nintendo 64 version had unique gameplay on each level, the Game Boy Color version was a platformer, and the Windows/Macintosh version was more like an activity center. Released in June of 2000. First one to be done by THQ.

Power Rangers Time Force
Released in 2001, the five Time Force rangers travel though time stopping enemies. The Quantum Ranger is playable but only if your Ranger finds a Quantum Morpher. When the bosses grow to gigantic size, only the Time Force Megazord Mode Red is Playable. Available in Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation.

Power Rangers Wild Force
Release in 2002 for the Game Boy Advance. You can play as the five Rangers, Lunar Wolf Ranger isn't playable until you complete the harbor level. The Megazords you could play with were the Wild Force and Kongazord, with Bear, Polar, Tiger, Lion, Shark, Eagle, Bison, Gorilla, Rhino, Armadillo, Deer and Giraffe Zords only.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm
Released for Game Boy Advance in 2003, the game uses passwords to track your progress, rather than save games. Playing the Red, Blue, or Yellow Ranger will give you the Storm Megazord; Crimson or Navy Ranger will give you Thunder Megazord; and Green Ranger gives you Samuarai Star Megazord.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Released in 2004 for Game Boy Advance, Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2. The Game Boy Advance version was a side-scrolling fighting game with puzzle solving mini-missions with only the five Rangers (meaning no Triassic). The other two console versions, you could play with Red Tyrannozord, Blue Tricerazord, Yellow Pterazord, Cephalazord , Parasaurzord, and Dimetrozord, only the Ankylozord could be played in Playstation 2 version. Also by collecting morphers, eggs, and crystal icons, players can unlock the zords from Power Rangers: Wild Force and Power Rangers: Ninja Storm to play with in the Power Games mode.

Power Rangers SPD
Released for Game Boy Advance in 2005, you could play as the five main B-Squad Rangers and the Shadow Ranger. The 6 rangers fight minor enemies until they encounter the main boss. There are racing levels which involve piloting the Red, Yellow, or Pink Delta Runners, a targeting game (similar to Space Invaders) with the Green Delta Runner, a racing level involving R.I.C., and Megazord battle levels.

Power Rangers Super Legends
It was released on October 23, 2007 for the Nintendo DS and on November 6, 2007 for the PlayStation 2 and for Microsoft Windows. Developed by A2M Publisher and Published by Disney Interactive Studios. Some liked this game, others didn't. The story changed in some versions but the basic plot was that Rangers from different years were brought by a video game version of the Omega Ranger to stop Lord Zedd. It was for the anniversary, from MMPR to Operation Overdrive, it included a lot of monsters and villains from the past in background and etc. Red MM Ranger, Pink MM Ranger, Green Galaxy Ranger, Blue Galaxy Ranger, Omega Ranger, SPD Red, Red OO Ranger and Black OO Ranger are playable in all versions. Blue TF, Green TF, Black WF, White WF, Red Wind, Yellow Wind, Blue SPD, and Boom as the Orange Ranger are only playable in the DS version. Yellow MM, Blue MM, Red LG, Red WF, Lunar Wolf, Crimson, Navy, Blue Wind, Green NS, Shadow, Yellow SPD and Blue OO Rangers are only playable in PS2 and Windows. Out of all the playable players, the only females are Mighty Morphin Pink, Yellow, White Wild Force, Blue Wind (Ninja Storm), and Yellow SPD Ranger--five! They could have formed their own team! The only Rangers from an entire team that were used was the Ninja Storm team.

Basically there was no official Turbo, In Space, Lost Galaxy, Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury or RPM (7) video console games. Lost Galaxy and Operation Overdrive Rangers did appear in Super Legends.

VR Troopers
VR Troopers was a 1995 fighting game developed by Syrox Developments and published by Sega for the Sega Mega Drive and the Sega Game Gear. If one were to play as a Trooper against the Clone-Bot in the form of that trooper, the Clone-Bot's Trooper form will appear in a different color. The video game contains a creature named Kamelion, as the final boss of the game who can shapeshift into any other playable character in the game and utilize their abilities. This creature does not appear in the series, yet is somewhat similar to the Season 1 robot general, Zelton. Tankatron, Decimator, Dark Heart, Kongbot, Magicianm abd Kamelion were the opponents.


Anonymous said...

The two Game Gear fighting games are underrated. The first one was the only Power Ranger where you control the Dragonzord Fighting Mode.

Surprising, they were not that many console games based on Super Sentai. There was Jetman and Zyuranger for the Family Computer (or Famicom), Carranger for the SuFami Turbo (an add-on released by Bandai for the Super Famicom that played budget-priced games), and Gaoranger and Hurricanger for the PlayStation. All of them, with the exception of Zyuranger, were made Natsume, the same developer that did the Power Rangers games for the Super NES.

However, there were quite a few crossover games that featured Super Sentai characters.

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Well, I like the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the movie and Power Rangers Zeo in video game version and computer game too.


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I would love to buy Power Rangers super legends video game. Thanks for sharing this blog post with us.

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These games are great. I enjoy most as I can download for free. I hope to go well on Windows 7. Looking forward to play power rangers games on my computer.