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Review of all the Grunts/Henchmen

Most commonly known as the public as 'putties,' because the first grunts from Power Rangers were the putties, I refer to them as it as grunts or footsoldiers. I have covered before which foot-soldiers were original creations for Power Rangers, but here I cover the Super Sentai ones, all of them. They always wear the same uniform, sometimes an alternate color and always have their face covered and carry knives or swords or guns.

Zolders (Gorangers)
They wore black with seems to be giant buckles of Black Cross Army and buttons on their torso. The faces were black hoods with what seems to be goggles. They were brainwashed henchmen, altered with enhanced strength and speed. They were also specialized when needed. For the first grunts ever, I give them points for the tops being a bit elaborate, not bad to start with.

Crimers (JAKQ)
Black goons as well, but these seem to have stylized eyes and the mask seemed to be out of leather. They wore these strange long-sleeved grey v-shaped vests that ended on the tummies. Also the rest was black with light black boots and giant buckles. They were armed with guns. Even tough I like shirts that end at the tummy, I am not sure about the long sleeves or the v-shape. I believe they were human.

Cutmen (Battle Fever J)
They were armed with machine guns and were in light grey outfits with a black stripe, dark grey gloves and boots and their masks were a mix of grey and black. Come to think of it, they look a bit like the Golem (Putties), except they are not clay. They most likely were meant to be humans under costumes. To me, they look like they are in pajamas.

Dastlers (Denjiman)
Grunts in black tights with skeletal designs that armed with sickles. They had black and white mix masks. It was not clear if they were meant to be humans or not, I think I would like the masks more if they looked like skulls.

Machine Men (Sun Vulcan)
They had the Black Magma symbol on their masks, which I like but they are a bit like Luchador (wrestler) masks. I do not know how the rest of their costumes looked like.

Madaraman (Goggle Five)
They had a camouflage look throughout with green gloves and boots with circle buckles and machine guns. These were androids. I don't know about this but they might be the first not to be humans and the first to be robots.

Tail Soldiers (Dynaman)
Naked lizards with red eyes and green and black skin, tail and red belt and sword. I don't know about this but they might be the first to be animal and not a robot or human. Their sword was unique as it was yellow and not the color of their skin. They were called Reptiles That Go "Whee!" in the parody.

Mechaclone (Bioman)
Like the first few henchmen, these guys wore black. But with red belts and silver masks with red eyes. . They can be programmed to pilot Mecha Drones or act as laboratory assistants. They were probably the third or second robot henchmen.

Hidrer (Changeman)
They wereblue creatures with yellow hair came out of eggs. I don't care for the waists and the color mix of yellow and blue is not appealing. If wounded enough, a Hidrer would bleed steam before evaporating within seconds. They used their talons as weapons.

Zorors (Flashmen)
These red ant-like grunts had green eyes and red skin. Their beetle-like clawed mouths spray acidic strings which cause victims to dissolve. The green round crystal displayed in the chests of each one is a prosthetic heart that sustains their lifeforce. I like their designs. I don't know how the Flashmen didn't confuse them with Flash Red.

Unglers (Maskman)
They were in all black with what seemed to be mops on thier heads. They carried staffs.

Jinmers (Liveman)
In olive-green suits, black boots and green gloves with masks and weapons. Mazenda later develop a variants of Jinmers called Dummymen that can assume human forms. In episode 13, a Dummyman who calls himself Tanaka defects from Volt and assists the Livemen after he falls in love with Colon before sacrificing himself to save her. They weren't as green as Green Sai so they couldn't be that confused.

Wu-lar (Turboranger)
The Wu-Lar were creatures with hair and creepy faces, black suits, white togas and white gloves. Their captains were different as they had brownish-red suits with yellow togas.

Batzlers (Fiveman)
They wore all black but had claws and weird faces.

Grinamhei (Jetman)
An unique brand, with black suits but a yellowish design on the chest, red hands and Kamen Rider Buckle-esque buckles.

Golem Hei (Zyuranger)
They were made of clay and there were the special cpatain kinds that were much darker and more rocky in appearance. And then they made some out of super clay, but didn't look much different. They were all grey and had red eyes.

Cotopotros (Dairanger)
They were all black (yet again), with white gloves and a tuxedo-link ascot and masks with no eyes, just red lips. Bascially they looked like waiters, they would dress in different things like baseball players, army men, etc. In the Gorma Palace, they dressed in red. I thought these were easy to make, but when I filmed a Dairanger fan film, it is difficult in some ways.

Dorodoros (Kakuranger)
Dress all in blue with black belts, gloves and boots. They had ghost-like twisted faces and those same things practically all over their bodies. They were demons. I like the color but they reminded too much of cereal marshmallows floating in blue milk. They were almost the same color as Ninja Blue, so I don't know how the Kakuranger didn't get confused.

Barmei Hei (Ohranger)
Robots in all silver or bronze-like bodysuits and big gold robot heads. I wasn't found of the color of the suits, reminded me too much of something that was too wet.

Dressed in three distinct colors (pink, cyan, light green, and white), they wore purple gloves and boots, they had purple things on their shoulders and waists, they wielded weapons. They had like gasmasks on, they were probably aliens instead of robots. The white ones were barely seen and was often the butt of a joke. The white ones weren't seen in Power Rangers.

Kunekunes (Megaranger)
Purple creatures with yellow stripes, white gloves and boots, with twisted swords and gold stripe on their faces. They had a Boss Kunekune who helped them become a big monster made of Kunekunes.

Yaatotto (Gingaman)
They wore orange jumpsuits, brown gloves and boots with shorts and a strap. They had swords and hankerchiefs on their heads. Not sure if they are supposed to be human, aliens or what.

Imps (GoGoV)
The demon grunts in black with some red and bat heads and armed with short swords. Dinus (Vypra) had her own female corp that had short grey boots and red skirts. They had silver wings and breast plates like Dinus. Pierre revived them as one giant Imp that then divided and became three. These three were killed by Max Victory Robo.

Zenith (Timeranger)
Out of a couple of metal things, came these robots with complex gold heads and bronze-like suits. Their swords doubled as machine guns. I like the design of the heads.

Orgettes (Gaoranger)
It is hard to discribe what color they are, it's somewhere between Touqurise and grey, I like their colors. They had one horn, as all the Orgs had horns. They had these club staffs that also function as flamethrowers. In Gaoranger Vs. Gaoranger, they got gold horns. They were created out of pink slime by Tsuetsue.

These red Orgettes appeared in a flashback, they had no names, I personally believe they were what inspired Bandai or Plex to make the Kelzak Furies for Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

Magerapa (Hurricanger)
They were in black, but had what looked like barbwire or stiches around them. They had the red Jakanja symbol on their faces. They were armed with sickles. They had black hair poof coming out of their head.

Barmia Hei (Abaranger)
They came in two colors, they had one eye and these wierd staff things. In black, they had a green, yellow, orange motif. The white ones had blue, purple and pink colors.

Robots with silver arm cuff, leg cuff and belt with silver heads with black hole. Even though they were in black, I found these to be pretty good looking. Balls were thrown to make these.

Batsuroid (Dekaranger)
Able to speak human languages (including Japanese). They sometimes use swords which are really re-colored versions of the Spark Vectors used by the Mirai Sentai Timeranger. These had blue and had the word 'bat' in them but they look more like an X on their helmet.

Igaroid (Dekaranger)
They had silver and orange and orange armor with long nails and a sword. They had spiky orange heads as well. I am not fond of the shade of orange but I do like the heads.

Zobiru (Magiranger)
I like these because they are more complex, they had brown suits with rags on their waists and grey gloves and boots. They had these frog-like faces that would peel away to reveal ugly skull faces. They wielded special axes. They were based on Zombies.

High Zobiru (Magiranger)
I like these because they are more complex,they had teal muscled bodies with brown ties on their necks and brown kilts around their waists with these silver armor thingies. Their faces had silver stuff all of it with red eyes. They wielded whips.

Kaths (Boukenger)
When rocks were thrown, these guys appeared. They were all in grey, with armor. They had little torches in their faces, which were not acknowledged in Operaiton Overdrive when they became Chillers. They belonged to Gaja but the other sects of Negative Syndicate had the rocks to have the Karths fight for them.
Ryuujinhei Jaryuu (Boukenger)
Orange body with red and scarlet armor, lizard faces. They have an interesting design.

Rinshi (Gekiranger)
They were undead, they had long brown vests with black long-sleeve clothes underneath and brown cuffs. They had brown hats over their white mask-like faces. In one episode, one Rinshi who could not become a Rinrinshi with animal spirit, he took knight armor and fought SaiDaiOh (Rhino Steel Megazord).
Rinrinshi (Gekiranger)
Rinshi power up and turn into Rinrinshi, the shoulder colors change and the animal part on the head changed.

Ugatz (Go-Onger)

Silver bodysuits with bronze armor, gloves and boots. They wielded screw-like swords. They had special female Ugatz (Beauty Ugatz) in one episode with white skirts, they looked a bit strange.

Nanashi Company (Shinkenger)
Red fish heads, yellow sleeves and pants with armor, brown boots and gloves with swords. They had the most complex look out of all the grunts, highly stylized.

Bibi (Goseiger)
Lime-green suits with black boots and gloves and chest armor with designs on their faces. They wielded knives. I like their colors and the design of the boots. I liked their simple design.
Gormin (Gokaiger)
Silver with different shades of gray, basic robotic grunts. The black patterns are interesting. Now that they are X-Borgs in Power Rangers Super Megaforce, seeing the figure, how the silver paint spills into the face, makes me think the pattern on the face is to close together.
Zugormin (Gokaiger)
The higher up and stronger grunts with blue over black is interesting but they seem to fade into the background blue skies for me.
Buglers (Go-Busters)
Robots but had purple bodies and black top armor and silver heads. I liked the shade of purple.
Zorima (Kyoryuger)
These creatures are hard to describe, they have white and black and silver bodies with green and tan heads with green hair. They hold saw like devices. I am not fond of these at all. I don't like their look. I fear when they come to US with Power Rangers Dino Charge.
Close (Toqger)
They are robber-themed footsoliders with collars and hats. I love the smiles and stylized hair.


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Goons! I love them! Will you do a Kamen Rider version?

Minor correction: The Whumpers were in PR as Havoc's bodyguards.

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Well, I like the Barmei hei in Ohranger and Yaatotto in Gingaman.


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You know. I was just about to ask you to make this list.

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if i am not wrong, the Zorima are based on a Paramecium