Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Super Sentai Headquarters Part 2

They had a 'futuristic' place probably built by their parents. They had their bedrooms upstairs and would lower down with a fire poll. They had computers and kitchen facilities. The main table doubled as a dining table. Their robot was like their maid. Sorry for the bad quality but that's how the Fiveman episode I have is.

Jetman headquarters was basically a government facility, with computers and aviary gear.

The Sakura Mansion palace Barza and the Zyuranger hunged out at. It was 2000 meters under the apartment building Barza managed. Outside it had the five beasts and inside it had the coins around them. Barza had a thing that had fire in that he would chant to. A small clip of him alone in the palace was used for the Power Rangers Fan Club video to represent Zordon. They also had an ancient book to help them out.

A big building on outside and had a tunnel underneath. Inside their secret base, it had some boxes to sit on and place to do yoga-like chi. Once they had a bunch of big medicine balls in there for training. There was a radio-walkie-talkie machine to communicate to the Aura Changers. They a monitor or two in the room that would have magical images. There were other rooms, one used as a prison cell. One to have the Kiber Machines. Also to travel to the Gorma, Kaku would remove a block and a secret door would open and he would go on a cart that would transport him to the Gorma palace.

I didn't see many episodes, so I am not sure if it had an actual base but they did travel in the Nekomaru. When they aren't on a mission, it serves as a crepe shop.

The UAOH headquarters had computers and monitors, a big meeting table and a med room. Also the base to launch the mecha and the bazooka that released the Red Puncher.

The top was the Pegasus Garage, with car tools and basic car garage things and the office for the manager. He had no idea that underneath had computers and monitors where Dappu hung out. They also had five Ranger-color cubes to sit on as well.

They were in high school but worked for INET. It was a big facility with computers and lights and scientific stuff, also a place for the robos.

They first lived in the Ginga Forest, then lived with a father and son, I don't have a picture.

Basic scientific place with computers, lightbulbs and such. I didn't see the whole series so I am not sure how big it was or how it looked from the outside.

They hung out in an apartment in an Asami-owned building for their odd jobs business Tomorrow Research. They had tables, couch and computers that hooked up to Takku.

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