Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Poll Results: Sentai Staples/Saban Mysteries/Time on Nick

What Sentai/PR staples would you like gone?
Villains in Rubber Suits - 88 of 252 votes by 175 people

Multi Weapons - 78 votes

Giant Robos - 35

Giant Monsters - 26

Sixth Member - 25

What do you think if they got rid of monsters becoming giant in Sentai/PR?
Horrible, I love the Zords - 123 of 200 votes
Horrible, it's needed - 39
Good change - 38

What time would you prefer Power Rangers on Nick?
Afternoon - 117 of 234 votes
Night - 91 votes
Morning - 26

What would you like to know the most if revealed?
Phantom Ranger - 135 of 649 votes by 219 people
Everyone wants to know what his identity was or what was the real story. Rumors are that they were going to reveal it in a third part to Countdown to Destruction but unfortunately there wasn't enough money. Another rumor was that he was Zordon's son Shadow.

Dairanger Costumes - 114
On the real reason on why Saban didn't use them, or if they really were going to use them as Ancient Rangers in Lost Galaxy. I had mentioned that I would have liked them for the Dark Rangers in Season 2. Someone commented on why Zedd would even design the helmets after the Thunderzords, I think it would have made sense since he wanted them to pilot the Thunderzords in the first place and also how in the comic, the Dark Rangers did indeed pilot the Thunder Megazord. To make them match, they could have painted Shishiranger black like they did for the SPD A-Squad using Megaranger helmets.

Movie Deleted Scenes - 84

Why Jason-tachi (Jason and the others) left - 67
Something Else - 65

Bulk and Skull Spin-Off - 50
Someone commented how they asked Paul about this and he said they never wrote or filmed anything.

Lokar in 'Zyu 2' - 48

Brad as White Ranger - 46

Pythor in 'Zyu 2' - 40
It is seems this is the less coveted mystery.


Kean said...

i say keep the villians in suits its a sentai classic and i dont think cgi for the monsters wont be good

Mugen said...

They want the Suitmation gone? But Suitmation is a form of Art if done well. And it is usually done well when from Japan. And example of non-Japanese Suitmation done well is "Creature from the Black Lagoon"