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Female Monsters 1991 to 2015 in Super Sentai

UPDATED 12/13/15
In partically all Super Sentai series, there is a only about three to two female monsters per year. "Kakuranger" (1994) had eight female monsters, making them the most. I thought I would showcase the female monsters, as usual I don't know much about Sentai monsters before Jetman, I have the book with the small pictures but I don't know which ones are female.

Jetman: 2 | Zyuranger: 1 | Dairanger: 5 | Kakuranger: 8 | Ohranger: 1 | Carranger: 1 | Megaranger: 2 | Gingaman: 3 | GoGoV: 1 | Timeranger: 2

To the left, the only female monster in Jetman was Dimensional Bug Mother. I'm not sure about Diamond Jigen (right)

Dora Reiger (right) was the only female monsters in Zyuranger.

(Left) Lipstick Songstress and (right) Copy Empress and Lady Earring, Lady Ring and Lady Necklace were all female in Dairanger. In PR, they were known as the Lipsyncher, Photomare, Nimrod and AC and DC.

Kasha and Yukionna of Kakuranger.

Sunakaje Babaa and Kyuubi No Kistune, Sunakaje Babaa was not used in MMPR.

Amikiri and Karakasa, Karakasa was not in MMPR.

Rokurokubi and Bakeneko in Kakuranger were female, they weren't used like this for MMPR but parts of them were used as I have covered before.

Bara Printer was the only female underling in Ohranger.

LL Onene was the only female in Carranger, but ZZ Zeti (male) was made female in Turbo.

Rose Nejire and Termite Nejire were female in Megaranger. Rose didn't appear in PRiS.

In Gingaman, there was Medoumedou, Hierahiera and Merudameruda were female, funny enough they were under Iriesu, who was also female.

Gogov's Zairen

Timeranger's Rogue and Barbera

Gaoranger: 1 | Hurricanger: 4 | Abaranger: 2 | Dekaranger: 6 | Magiranger: 4 | Gekiranger: 4 | Go-Onger: 3 | Shinkenger: 1 | Goseiger: 3

Gaoranger's Eyeglass Org, Wedding Dress Org was male in both Gaoranger and Wild Force.

Furabijenu and Furabirobo in Hurricanger

Killer Korowne and Madogi

Rougirafflesia (Abaranger)

HanaBikiniVenus from Abaranger movie, didn't appear in Power Rangers.

Dekaranger's Buraidy and Succubus

Mime and Uniga

Megaria robot was used twice.

Magiranger's Peewai the Harpy and Neries the Siren

Gorgon and Sphinx.

In Boukenger, there really weren't any female monsters other than Shizuka's super form, there was Muse in Boukenger movie.

Sorisa and Hiso of Gekiranger

In Go-Onger, there was one female for each sect of Bankijyu. Boseki Banki of Land and Shower Banki of Water And Dowsing Banki of the Sky Tribe. Shower Banki of course didn't appear in RPM.

Yomotsugari of Shinkenger is the only Female monster.

Goseiger: Irian of the Queen Bee, Sarawareteiru of the Yosei, and Pikarime of the Shakokidogu.

Gokaiger had no female Commanders.

Go-Busters had none as the nature of Vaglass was gender-less but they all sounded male.

 Kyoryuger had Debo Kyawaeen that had two different forms. In Dino Charge, she was known as Memorella.

In Toqger, I don't think there were any females.

 In Ninninger, there is Futakuchi-one and Yuki-ona


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Well, I like the Fox woman or Cat woman in MMPR seasson 3 and I choise her in Precure warriours vs Sailor Moon!


Mark said...

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Dora Narcissus a dude?

blank said...

Kasha was only female in power rangers and in go busters the tiaraloid monster looked and sounded female

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