Thursday, September 2, 2010

Super Sentai Villains Headquarters Part 2

Inside the bad guy's ship, they had a circle of blue columns of lights with a red carpet heading to it. And their lady head boss spoke to them from above. Sorry for the bad quality but that's how the Fiveman episode I have is.

The Vyram hangout was mostly black with fog on the bottom and they had tables and drinks and cigarettes.

We all know the place. Some parts of the palace was not seen in MMPR because the scenes had Japanese people in it.

Remember the pyramid that Seperentera destroyed in a planet? Well, that was the Gorma Palace. It didn't premiere until in Episode 20, we only saw those giant orbs that looked like the enlarging bombs, there was no headquarters for the trio, they just hung around different places, they had like a ship and for a while they hung out in a warehouse. But the inside of the palace was unique, lots of columns. But where the emperor hung out was above that and you had to wear a mask to address the emperor. It had a lot of ascending and descending red columns. The bottom just had fog. In the last episodes, it as revealed there were secret rooms with disappearing doors.

This Skeleton Skull in Kakuranger became the Space Skull in MMPR, it was DaiMaiou's place, with columns, throne and fog inside. Outside it was a flying skull.

The Baranoia had the same headquarters you saw in Zeo as they used the same footage with the giant Earth you could see from the balcony. But there was also a repair room we didn't see.

They are based aboard the Baribarian, frequently hanging out at the BB saloon, a bar in the craft. It had a circular bar, and the entrance had like a salon doors. For some reason, Zonnette would go to another bar to drink sometimes. They had a big circle window to see outside. They even had bathroom stalls! As seen in the right bottom pic, it had toilet paper too.

The Nejirejia hung out in the Gran Nejiros fortress which transforms into the giant robot Death Nejiro. It had a place for King Javious, a giant screen, some computer stuff. It had a twisted look and strange color combinations.

Rowdy Invincible Castle was mounted on the back of Daitanix, they would navigate Daitanix from it. Inside it looked like the inside of a boat and had arcs, circle windows and rails. The monsters and generals had their own hideouts sometimes. Iriesu had a blak room with candles.

Their headquarters, Psyma Paradico, the outside and inside used in PRLR but this place was located in the north pole. It had columns and fog on the bottom and the famous blue light ball.

The outside it was like a ship crash landed in the forest. It was a prison, but it had a room like an office for the leader Don Doneru. And there was the cryogenic room with the small criminals I didn't see all the episodes but apparently it had like a restaurant inside.

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Sean Akizuki said...

Vulgyre was actually also the boss of Zone.