Monday, August 30, 2010

Gender Changes in Monsters

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I've mentioned this before. In Power Rangers, they convert some feminine-looking male monsters to female. Sometimes, they don't even use the actual female monster from the Japanese series and feel short so they make one guy into a girl. For example, from the 8 female monsters of "Kakuranger," only 4 made it to "Power Rangers." Most of the time I think the gender change is made because if the monster's feminine appearance.

On the left, the Obnu-Obake was male and liked sexy women, he became a girl monster Impursenator in Zeo. On the right, male ZZ Zeri became female Delisha Ennivel in Turbo.

A commenter brought this to my attention, even thought AC and DC did not speak, the female Nimrod told them 'go get them boys' so maybe they became male. In Dairanger, they were all female. As brought to my attention that Dora Narcissus became female in MMPR, didn't see the episode so didn't know it was male.

Left is Jin, who was female in GoGoV and became the male Falkar. Strange that this one was changed to male, maybe because the monster looked more male. Right: Wedding Dress Org was surprisingly kept male, he was male in Gaoranger and remained male in Wild Force.

Above left: The male Hanasakkadoshi from Hurricanger was changed to female Florabundacus for Power Rangers Ninja Storm. Probably changed to female because of the flower aspect. Above right: male Incubus from Magiranger was changed to female Gnatu for Power Rangers Mystic Force. Probably because of the hair.

Most recently, the one above doesn't look female at all but they changed Boukenger's Ouga to Crazar in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, the name doesn't even sound feminine. Most of the time the actor inside the suit is male. I think the main reason they turned this one into a female is not because of its appearance but necessity of the plot.

These two are debatable. A pink robot, the Textile Bot was female in Go-Onger but Tenaya called it a 'him,' it didn't speak so we don't know. As for Dowsing Banki, she didn't receive a name in the episode "...And the Action" but Ziggy did refer to her as a 'she.' The monster did grunt with a male voice.

Let me know if I forgot about one.

I forgot about these two since they aren't from Sentai. Mantis from the first season was suppose to be female, I don't know who did the voice (it was a female voice), but the monster didn't look female. Well, most well-known mantis are female (as they kill the male during coitus). Rita, Trini, Jason and Alpha called it a 'him.' I don't know, it's debatable. As for the Invenusable Flytrap, when she premiere in season 2, she was female, but later on was referred to as male in Rangers Back in Time: Part 2. It is unknown if Rainbow Productions intended these monsters to be female or male.


Hallwings said...

Obnu-Obake, a.k.a. "Pink Hentai".

Fantasy Leader said...

The Sannin Kanjo (Three Priestesses of Hell) from Dairanger 17-22. They were all females.

But when adapted into MMPR's White Light, one of them said "Go get them boys!" during the White Rangers zord battle.

Joe Spinebuster said...

Pretty sure that ZZ Zeri and Lady Gaga buy their clothes from the same shop.