Friday, September 3, 2010

Super Sentai Headquarters Part 3

In the movie and episodes I have of Goranger, they rarely show the whole headquarters, sometimes you can see computers (giant ones since it's the 70's so imagine big box-like machines bigger than the ones in the 60's version of Batman) and five ranger-color rainbow on the wall.

I haven't seen the series but in the movie, they had basically a conference room with a big glass window and a sign that says JAKQ.

Battle Fever J
Their headquarters was white and black with computers, large ship wheels and a map. Also there was the bay with five chairs and computers and poles.

[No description Available]

Sun Vulcan
Headquarters was pretty basic, brown wood-like walls, desk and screen.

Goggle V
Sean A. says they hid under a Tokyo Amusement park.

Blue floor, computers and blue and Grey motif, straight angels, few curves, lots of angles.

I only have the movie and in it, we only see the base where they leave their robo and it has stairs. I haven't seen the whole series so I don't know about their headquarters.

They were with the Earth Defense, a branch of the government so their headquarters was very government-y with monitors, computers, big map and everything was tall and big.

The inside was white and grey lace with a big screen above the team. They had computers and medical beds.

In Maskman, they had a headquarters with computers and monitors and one wall with buddha on it and they had pillows on the floor to mediate. I got these pics off YouTube.

There was computers and monitors but the blue wall had two circle windows and a giant tree. There was also tables and other things like that. I got these pics off YouTube.

I only have the movie, in it the headquarters looks like a casual house interior with a big home computer and a cute castle-like doll house for their fairy.

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Sean Akizuki said...

The Goggle V team lived under the TOEI amusement park.