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Power Rangers: Headquarters through the years

UPDATED 9/3/14
Command Center (MMPR)
Let's see here... A viewing globe to see what's going on, an alarm to tell you of a monster attack, computers that seem to know it all, the mentor installed into the headquarters and a robot repair center. No bathroom, refrigerator, telephone or medical bed. It was destroyed in the finale "Hogday Afternoon Part 2".

Power Chamber (Zeo)
Under the Command Center we got this sub base that was slightly bigger, it had a medical table, computers, map, a museum of the past, alarm to alert of baddies and round video screen. It was changed without explanation for Turbo, as much as the Zeo powers were abandoned without explanation.

Power Chamber (Turbo)
Much bigger and a bigger better medical table. It has the tube, computers, viewing screen, alarm, and instead of past suits, has color tubes in the back. It was destroyed in the finale "Chase Into Space Part 2".

Astro Megazord (In Space)
This was much more of a home, since people slept in it. It had computers, large viewing screen, food compressor, eating area, bedrooms, and tubes to go to Earth to surf on the Galaxy Gliders. Most likely they had bathrooms but we never saw it. They also had recovery beds and a medical room. They also had an engine room that doubled as a holding bay for bad guys and a cyrogenic freeze secret room that later served to hold the Astro Morphers. DECA would tell them of an attack. It was destroyed in the Lost Galaxy finale.

Terra Venture (Lost Galaxy)
The Rangers used the Astro Megazord but lived in Terra Venture. Kai and Kendrix had their own rooms, which they shared with the others, that had cooking facilities, bedrooms and what we assume are bathrooms. The main control room of course had high tech equipment and Terra Venture itself had engines and engine room. Inside Terra Venture, they had normal buildings, stores, warehouses, etc. Terra Venture had attack alarms. It was destroyed in the Lost Galaxy finale.

Aqua Base (Lightspeed Rescue)
Back on Earth, there was a base underwater that you would enter through an entrance and a tube. Inside they had private quarters (beds, desks, etc.), monitors, alarms indoor pool and computers. We never saw cooking areas or kitchen areas but we can assume there was. They had a security camera for the outside. It was destroyed in the finale.

Clock Tower (Time Force)
A legendary abandoned clock tower that Wes' family owned. On the bottom, there was a small area that looked like a shop, it had a telephone and stairs leading up to the main room. At first it had a bunch of old stuff, they cleaned it up. The Rangers mostly looked out a big window that they could see the whole city of Silver Hills. The only alarm they had was Circuit, their robotic owl. They had a futuristic video communication device to the future, I think occasionally they could see footage of mutants attacking through there. They slept on bunk beds and the floor in sleeping bags. It was destroyed in the finale.

Anamarium (Wild Force)
I spelled it wrong, I know. Aboard the giant turtle island, the Rangers slept in Princess Shayla's place that had lion-shaped rock and a fountain that sprouted water whenever the Orgs attacked. The Rangers slept in sleeping bags or flat beds. Let me see... no computers, no viewing globe, no bathrooms or kitchen, strange. Shayla left on the island up into the sky.

Ninja Ops (Ninja Storm)
Everything had what appeared to be old Japanese doors but they were more sturdy and had shining light through it. The whole thing had a techno-modern retro-Asian feel to it. They had a book shelf full of scrolls and old books. They had a little temple for Sensei the guinea pig. Cam had a desk with his computer. They had a viewing screen, alert when a monster attack, no beds and no bathroom.

Dr. O's Lair (Dino Thunder)
It was in the basement but it was really really big. Many episodes took place in some parts. Some parts weren't seen in every episode. Tommy lived there and it seemed like Hayley did to, she was either there or at her juice bar. There was the Abaranger symbols through the whole thing. There were two desks, one for Hayley that her computer and Tommy's with his old files. Hayley had one part where Tommy was analyzed. And one part where she would fix and make bikes. There were stairs leading upstairs and there was place where they had the Raptor Riders. They didn't spend as much time in Dr. O's house.

SPD Academy
Outside, it was the Delta Base with a track and outside training center. Inside, they mostly met in the Command Center room with computers, screens, and tubes to go to the zords. Kat had her lab, with scientific stuff, robotics and inventions. The cadets had a common area with games, couch, food processor, snacks and other stuff. The Rangers had their rooms, Syd personalized hers. They even had a bathroom.. with no toilet!!!! Paging the Bradys! Oh well, at least they finally had a bathroom.

Rootcore (Mystic Force)
I couldn't find a picture of the outside and I didn't feel like screencapturing it from youtube because for me, it always looks crappy (I don't have HD). Anyhoo, they have the crystal ball (viewing globe), on top of a desk with the five Ranger symbols. There was five color arcs with the sky brooms. The Rangers could turn on it in a turnstyle. There was a giant glass window and a second level, where Nick as Koragg fought Koragg. They had a computer, the Xenotome and a cauldron. Last we saw it, it was wrecked up by Koragg and Nick.

Headquarters (Operation Overdrive)
Under the mansion, like Tommy's house, there was a kitchen, bedrooms (we never saw) and bathroom (we never saw). In the base, they had a huge flat screen, computers, alarms and placement for the controls for the zords. A reclining chair for Mac, a device thingy for them to get superpowers and the zord dock. Also, the giant globe in the middle where they put little orbs to track where they found the jewels.

Training Room (Jungle Fury)
A basic training room, with battle stuff, basketball court-size, basketball hoop, ball, and TV monitor to monitor monster attacks. The TV itself was low-tech, maybe to illustrate how RJ just had to string these things together. There were jungle vines to swing up and down into large circles. It had a second level. This base was above the Jungle Karma Plaza.

Dr. K's Lab (RPM)
Dr. K used to communicate to them through a screen. They had a lot of computer screens. There was what seemed to be greenery on top, near the light panels. There was the testing room. And columns holding the suits before they morphed. They also had a small computer room we saw in the final episodes after Venjix trashed the place. Dr. K had her computers, desk and medical bed.

Garage (RPM)
Parking place for up to four cars, garage tools, pool table, dining table, kitchen, refrigerator, and bedrooms above the stairs. We are to believe Gem and Gema shared a room.

Shiba House (Samurai)
Having the same name as in Shinkenger, other than kinda having a samurai theme, the similarities end there. This version has a more modernized look, but less colors. The Shinkenger version had more red, blue and yellow, this one just has grey walls. And fugly olive green ottomans.


Gosei's Command Center (Megaforce)
There are five color consoles in the command center that has cave-like walls and are lined with Ranger Keys in light up displays. There are fans are the far end near the entrance. Gosei is planted on the other end. Tensou is run around the floor. Tensou usually hides in the entrance when 'building' something. Unlike the first Command Center, there is no place to sit, no computers but the consoles do provide video like the viewing glove.


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Wow, I like the Power Ranger´s headquarters. Included is year in 1990s to 2000s, and who knows, in 2011, 2012 to 2013; new Power Ranger´s headquarters?


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In Power Ranger´s serie´s Command Center´s ruins; Dedicate on memory of Zordon by Power Rangers and friends.