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Where Are They Now?: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

If the following seems repetitive and that you already know it, this written in a certain way for people who don't know this information.
Austin St. John (Jason Lee)
His stage name came as his management team at Pat O’Brien Management Talents thought Jason Geiger was not a strong name, with the actor coming up with "St. John" himself, and Austin being suggested by the managers inspired by Steve Austin, from The Six Million Dollar Man. Austin left the show in Season 2, because of money dispute. Austin now holds a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a first-degree black belt in Judo, and he also practices Shenkito and Kenpo. He is a graduate of Sunny Hills High School in Fullerton, California. St. John has left acting and is currently working in Sterling, VA. as a paramedic. On the show, he was replaced by Steven Cardenas and he returned in Zeo and appeared in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. He also reprise the role of Jason in "Forever Red" Season 10 anniversary episode. He attended the first Power Morphicon in 2007. He is now in his thirties.

Walter Emanuel Jones (Zack Taylor)
He left the show because of money dispute and wanted the production to change to the Screen Actor's Guild and has not stopped acting at all. After PR, he was the lead in the Nick show "Space Cases" for two seasons and guest starred in many many shows. He also appeared in VH1's I Love the 90's about Power Rangers. I He was replaced by Johnny Yong Bosch in Season 2 and he appeared along side Austin St. John in a half-hour special showcasing the original MMPR pilot. He often attends conventions and has attended all three Power Morphicons. He is his forties now. He declined participation in Super Megaforce.

David Yost (Billy)
David left the show in the fourth season "Zeo" because of what he admitted to a year ago as a hostile working environment of anti-gay slurs. He did recently appear in the No to Proposition 8 campaign, which is pro-same-sex marriage. Many former Power Ranger actors also appeared in the campaign. In 2004, he worked as a field producer for a U.K. documentary series called You Are What You Eat. Yost plans on continuing his producing and eventually wants to act on screen again. He currently resides in Roseville, California and owns a Z Pizza franchise. He has attended a few conventions and in a ticketed event for the Trevor Project at Power Morphicon 2012. He is now in his forties. David declined return to Super Megaforce.

Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly Hart)
Amy Jo now has a daughter Francesca Christine. She recently starred on the CBS drama "Flashpoint." She also appeared in VH1's I Love the 90's about Power Rangers. Amy Jo Johnson left MMPR in the third season to pursue other endeavors, she was substituted by Catherine Sutherland. She did return for a small part in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, along with Steve Cardenas, Jason David Frank, and Johnny Yong Bosch, being the only actors to appear in both theatrical releases. She rarely attends any conventions and has yet to attend a Power Morphicon. She told No Pink Spandex it is because she gets tense in big crowds and used to get claustrophobic.

Thuy Trang (Trini Kwan)
Thuy Trang left the show in Season 2 because of money dispute. It is well known that she died in a car accident on September 3rd, 2001, many of her former cast members Amy Jo Johnson and David Yost attended her funeral, she was 27. In Power Rangers Time Force (2001), before the ending credits of "Circuit Unsure", it was mentioned the episode was in memorial of her. She was the only of the original five actors not to appear in the pilot. She was hired after the original Trini dropped out. She was replaced by Karan Ashley on the show.

Jason David Frank (Tommy Oliver)
He joined the show in season one as the Green Ranger, left during season 5 Power Rangers Turbo and was replaced by Selwyn Ward. He reprise the role in "Forever Red" episode and "Dino Thunder," the 12th season as high school professor and mentor to a new team. He recently made news that he wanted to be a MMA fighter. He has four children. He has a sixth-degree black belt and as of 2007, owns four karate schools under Rising Sun Karate, including the school Red Dragon Karate where he initially started his training. He is now 36. Tommy has the distinct honor of having been four different colors and had five different costumes. He attends many conventions and has been to the Power Morphicon. He participated in the Super Megaforce anniversary.

Paul Schrier (Bulk)
Schrier directed a few Power Rangers episodes, 16 episodes of the Hello Kitty animated series, and a short film, "An Easy Thing". He even tagged along during the movie with Shuki Levy, learning the ins and out of directing. He is also an artist, having worked on the comic book The Red Star. He left the show at the finale of Lost Galaxy (season 7), as the producers wanted to start out fresh for Lightspeed Rescue. He made a cameo in "Forever Red" and provided the voice of Firebug in Masked Rider. He recently returned in "Power Rangers Samurai" reprising his character Bulk but now mentoring Skull's son Spike as a 'samurai.' He is now 40. He has attended every Power Morphicon and has been at many conventions.

Jason Narvy (Skull)
After leaving the show in the sixth season (Power Rangers in Space, made a cameo in Lost Galaxy and Wild Force), he left Los Angeles to pursue further education. He received a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree in English from Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a Master of Letters in Renaissance Literature in Performance from Mary Baldwin College and the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, Virginia. He participated in the Young Company Theatre Camp at the ASC as a director and Master Class Fight Workshop instructor in 2004. He recently graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a Ph.D. in Dramatic Arts. He is now 36. He has been at the Power Morphicon and has been at many conventions. He guest starred in the last episode of Super Samurai.

Steve Cardenas (Rocky DeSantos)
He replaced Austin St. John as the Red Ranger and left at the beginning of season 5 Turbo, deciding to focus his attention on his karate school in Southern California. He has recently appeared in various conventions. Cardenas was born at Langley Air Force Base, in Hampton, Virginia, U.S. and is of half Mexican descent. He was replaced by Blake Foster in Turbo. He is now 36. He has been to every Power Morphicon and attends conventions. He declined participation in Super Megaforce.

Johnny Yong Bosch (Adam Park)
34 year-old actor, he replaced Zack in season 2 and he is now a major voice actor. His first acting role was Vash the Stampede in Trigun. One of the most memorable lines in the first movie ("I'm a frog") was an ad lib from him because he was disappointed. He was also one of the few actors to do his own stunts because his suit actor got hurt. He was replaced by Roger Velasco in Turbo because producers wanted young blood. He returned in "In Space" and for two episodes of "Operation Overdrive" for the 15th anniversary. He has attended every Power Morphicon and attends many conventions. He leads a rock band called Eyeshine.

Karan Ashley (Aisha Campbell)
She replaced Thuy Trang as the Yellow Ranger in Season 2. She left in Season 3 of MMPR right before Zeo, she was promised a proper farewell like Kimberly but unfortunately because complicated plot lines, it didn't happen. She was replaced by Nakia Bruise. She wrote, edited and was executive producer to the independent film Devon's Ghost, alongside Johnny Yong Bosch with executive producer Koichi Sakamoto for Gag Order Films, Inc. She is now 34. She attends a lot of conventions and the Power Morphicon. She declined participation in Super Megaforce.

Catherine Sutherland (Katherine Hillard)
She replaced Amy Jo Johnson in season 3 and was replaced by Patricia Ja Lee in Turbo. She originally auditioned for Dulcea in the movie but producers found she was too young, remembered her. She provided the voice of female Machine Empire General Tezzla in "Forever Red". She played the onscreen victim of a deranged serial killer in the 2000 film The Cell. She portrayed Sarah Price, the wife of a murder victim on a 2004 episode of America's Most Wanted. 35 year-old actress is married to actor Daniel Chilson and has 2 children. They have been to the Power Morphicon 2 (2010) and 3 (2012). She declined participation in Super Megaforce.


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Didn't knew all this stuff, it seems Jason D. Frank was the only one that made something "successful" after Power Rangers since he has those schools.

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Amy Jo Johnson did well too, tons of good roles, three tv shows, and 2 albums is pretty good

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Don't forget that Amy Jo Johnson was also on Felicity

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Amy jo johnson also played a major role in susie q

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Karan Ashley is also currently a co-host on Uncensored Radio which is a Radio Show on BlogTalk Radio alongside Katrina Johnson (From All That, Michael Fishman (DJ from Roseanne) and Jeffrey Emmett!

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Oh guys! Dont you dare forget about Johnny Yong Bosch! .. He was such an icon now when it comes to voice acting..and even got ALL the precious roles for anime's and videogames which make him beyond his mmpr days in my opinion