Saturday, August 28, 2010

Select Gransazer Images from Scans

How the sites Ranger Central, Super Sentai Time Capsule, Rider Legacy and Toku Central work out is Mike gets the books and scan them. I write the material, he sets up the section. He scanned Gransazer and told me to make the section for Toku Central. He says the only book of the Seishin series that was made was Gransazer, not Justirizer, nor Sazer-X. I thought I'd post up just a few pictures I found interesting. Please do not leave comments or questions or suggestions about other sections of my sites, they will be when they will be done and I don't know when. Just keep comments about Gransazer please.

Nine Gransazer: Wind, Fire, and Earth

The Fire Tribe

Sazer-Mithras, Sazer-Pisces and Sazer-Visuel fight Lucia.

Sayaka Isoyama (Ran) and Ryō Segawa (Tenma)

Maya Hoshino as Ryoko Amemiya/Sazer Velsou

Shinnosuke Abe as Logia

Logia and Tenma

Ran and Miku protect Logia and Lucia as Lucia dies.

Hideaki Serizawa as Akira Dentsuin/Sazer Remls

Tomohide Takahara as Naoto/Sazer-Tawlon

The Water Tribe

Some pictures were flattering and others weren't flattering at all (those I didn't post).

Maya Hoshino as Ryoko (Velsou) and Asuka Shimizu as Miku (Mithras)

Takuma Sugawara (Tappei/Gans) and Ryō Segawa (Tenma/Tarius)
We can see here that at least in Gransazer the actors and stuntmen didn't use athletic cups.

Logia and Ryoko

Tomohide Takahara (Naoto/Tawlon) and Sayaka Isoyama (Ran/Visuel)

Toku Central Gransazer section
(Note: I am aware I accidentally put 'inspector radia' instead of 'impactor radia,' i'll fix it tomorrow.)


Luca said...

Looks EPIC! I'd probably watch it if it was from a more recent year.

transformationscene said...

Wow,those suit designs are amazing. Of course, Chouseishin seires alwasy have the more elaborate costumes, but... wow. Please tell me there are subs!

Anonymous said...

Grasazer, I am one of a big fan of them. I really like the helmetless picture you've posted, but what a pity, only four pepole are included. Where did you get the picture? do you have more picture like this? at least 12 of the gransazer, hehehe

Lavender Ranger said...

they are from the official gransezar book, that's the only helmetless pics they have in the book.

helloprajna said...

Could you plz upload all the scan?

Unknown said...

in what episode ran look like that?