Sunday, August 22, 2010

Power Rangers: Villain Headquarters through the years

I had to cut down on the pictures (which I wanted to put more) but apparently Blogger didn't let me, if I put too many pics, only one post topic appears, I hate that, that is why I put less pics.

Rita's Palace (MMPR)
In season 1, it was all Japanese footage and footage especially made for Saban by Toei. But in Season 2, they recreated Finster's workshop (sort of) for when he 'rejuvenated' her. Basically, it had a globe, swinging clock thingy, workshop and monster maker machine.

Lord Zedd's Palace (MMPR Season 2-3)
As I mentioned before, it is just the turning throne, fan and area for the Putties, later was for the Monsters. When Rita moved back in, she had her new telescope.

Machine Empire (Zeo)
All Japanese footage, cogs and gears everywhere inside.

Divatox's ship (Turbo)
Different from the movie, this set was much more brighter and a tad smaller. It the circular entering area and the parascope, her chair and the controls.

Dark Fortress (Space)
The outside was modeled after the headquarters exterior of Megaranger. But the inside was completely different. The interior was pretty bright, in the main bridge with a planetary map in the back and controls around her. Astronema had her own bedroom. There was the battle stagerties room with a desk and chair. Also the room where Zordon was held in the finale.

Scorpion Stinger (Lost Galaxy)
On the scorpion space ship with wings, Scorpius had a base to sit on. There was a lot of webs and things hanging about. They had computers and navigational systems because it was of course a space ship. They had a device to bring Pyscho Rangers back. Also the place where the Cocoon was at.

Titanisaur (Lost Galaxy)
Mutiny's castle and all the footage of him in it was Japanese footage. It basically looked like a naval ship. It also had a steering wheel to control the Titanisaur. Of course, the footage of Titanisaur floating in space was American.

Skull Cavern (Lightspeed)
Bascially re-built set of GoGoV, same thing with the columns. Outside was from the footage. It became more messy with Queen Bansheera and the finale. They could make a magic screen to see battles or Ranger activities.

Mutant Prison (Time Force)
The outside was the same as the one in Timeranger but the inside was much more complex than the one in Timeranger. It was a jail cell, with TF-36 referencing Time Force. There was a lot of frozen cases with the little mutants and the big decive to make them big. Also the vault of dangerous mutants. They had a TV, an old one. Frax also had his own labs.

The Nexus (Wild Force)
Modeled after the Gaoranger one, with the same stone Master Org head and all the rocks. No screen, computers or anything else. There was Shayla's prison cell.

Lothor's Ship (Ninja Storm)
A centipede-like horizontal ship, inside it was pretty complex, I couldn't make heads or tails of it. It had a throne (I think), some lights, weird desks and opening. It wasn't a lot like the Hurricanger's Centipede headquarters, nor the outside, it might have been inspired by, but the whole thing was Disney-made.

Mesogog's Lab (Dino Thunder)
It didn't look like much but it was pretty large as there were different halls. There was a device that made the monsters, a shelf of jars, in which he placed Lothor and computer and monitor. Outside his fortress looked like Megazord feet and had cannons.

Grumm's Ship (SPD)
Grumm had a big old throne and Mora had her own room. There was a tunnel where Mora and Shadow Ranger had their last battle. There was a room where the Magnificence was at. Grumm had a viewing area.

The Pit (Mystic Force)
Same as the one in Magiranger, with a long tunnel of baddies throughout. A throne for either Morticon or Imperius. There was an entrance for Koragg or a monster. There was a hole in the middle, being the Master.

Villain Lairs (OO)
Flurious was not from Sentai, so his headquarters was made only for PR. Flurious had an ice cave with throne, stairs and slide for Norg. Also a prison cell. Moltor's lair was in a volcano with active lava, cavern surroundings, throne and red lights. Kamdor had caves he would hang out at but no stable hideout, neither for the Fearcats. In Boukenger, only the Dark Shadow (Kamdor counterpart) had a stable hideout.

Dai Shi's fortress (Jungle Fury)
Basic recreation of the Gekiranger villain set, it was exactly the same. In the main hall with the dragon columns, stairs, railes, lamps and soliders in back. To the prison cells and where the Deadly Venoms were.

Venjix's Fortress (RPM)
Venjix was in a giant tube with a red light. It was the main center. There also the vat in which Tenaya and the other Attack Bots came out of. They would come out from the round entrance and tunnel. Within the fortress, we also saw a prison cell and place where all the cyborgs were made. This was not the Japanese headquarters.

The Nighlok under Xandred reside on a Junk that sails along the Sanzu River. I think there was another room where Xandredwould hang out at. The Nighlok would come in from the entrance, mostly from the water.


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Wow, it´s very scare the Power Ranger´s villain Headquarters!!


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In the dark fortress in Power Rangers in Space; Dedicated on memory of Zordon by Andros (red Ranger) and Calore (Astronema & Galaxy pink).