Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sets from Show to Movie (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

I haven't seen fans compare these two (sets from the show to sets from the movie)

Command Center (TV Show)
Inside, we basically have three computer consoles, a viewing globe, Zordon's tube and four collums wiht rings on them. IN the background there was just black and bright Christmas lights. Behind the Viewing Globe in Green with Evil, we saw a blue table with three water tubes lit by red lights. Billy used this to fix Alpha. There was also the mysterious White Light door located to Zordon's right. For those who don't know, Zordon, Alpha and the Command Center are American inventions and not from the Japanese series.

Command Center (Movie)
Including Zordon's tube, four ringed columns, three computer consoles and viewing globe, this Command Center had a circle center, grates, rails and a big door. When the Teens entered from the door, we only saw the door, we don't know if it was from outside or an interior. The viewing globe also had a nifty silver circle thing around it with pipes attached. In the show, the crystal under Zordon's head was red, here it is white. Also the ringed columns are transparent and not solid like on the show.

Command Center Exteriors
As mentioned before, the Command Center was and is originally the House of Book in the Brandeis-Bardin Campus of the American Jewish University. Saban placed the building, which is not in the middle of these rocks, on the rocks. As for the movie, I don't know if it was a small model but this one really looked like it was on the mountains, they even replicated the shape they used on the show. The building itself is given a more circular tube in the center and with more detail to it and more shapes. Also what seems to be antennas sticking out of it.

Lord Zedd's Palace (TV Show)
As I have covered before, the exterior is based on a specific place in Rita's palace, also known as Bandora's Palace. The inside, is an Ameircan invention. With the fan in the back, a corner with black and Christmas lights where the Putties hang. In the center, Zedd's throne on top of a circular thing with four points. And the entrance from the hall, connecting into the palace, Zedd's putties would hang out there.

Command Center (Movie)
The outside was like a volcano stoop, the balcony, was much like Rita's but with the Z on the top arc. The telescope was a bit like Bandora's, in size but the color being olive.

Inside, there is a door that opens like a side slice in the middle. It is also a giant 'Z'. When anyone enters from the door, we see a hall behind with windows with light coming out of them. When Ivan came in, there was purple lights in the back. When Rita and Zedd came later in the movie, the lights were darker.

The interior has a more rocky look, in reality the set was just like paper. The throne had a more rock look and the thing it rotated on was like rocks as well, almost Flintstone like. The floor was full of fog.

Zord Cockpits
I think the Ninjazord cockpits were based a bit on the Zyuranger cockpits because the 'Ninja Zord' cockpits in the original show Kakuranger were completely different. They were more like the Lost Galaxy cockpits, the Kakuranger would stand up around a circular stand. Sure, the Movie cockpits were much more complex, with more buttons and such. Also they had doors in which their chairs would automatically move inside to outside, which was awesome.
When they made the cockpits for the Ninja Zords for the show, they look a like the Zyuranger cockpits, especially with the hexagon window shapes and three side cents inside. The interior was more like a fully furnished elevator and didn't have the ranger-color lights. They seem to be standing up instead of sitting down. The movie ones came before the show ones.

Ninja Mega Falconzord Cockpit
Like I said before, I believe the Ninja Megazord cockpits were based on Zyuranger because in Kakuranger, they didn't have a shared cockpit. In the movie, this is more obvious because of the line shape on the front. Only difference is that they have two levels. The two levels was reused for the movie and show versions. The designs are different, he movie version having pyramid shapes. The show one does have the shape on the top. Oh and the chairs are visible in the movie, I don't know if they had chairs in the show version.


Fantasy Leader said...

Interesting how the tubes in the regular command center have lights of blue and green. While in the movie version, yellow lights are added at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

Wow, there is very combination of the tv show and movie in Power Rangers series with Zordon´s era!!