Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Power Ranger Bow, Hammer, Nunchucks and Drills Users

Pink Ranger had the Power Bow.

Pink Turbo Ranger had the Wind Fire bow.

Pink Ranger had the Transdagger become the Beta Bow.

Wild Force had the Falcon Summoner.

Yellow Mystic Ranger had the Magi Staff in Bow mode.

Yellow Wind Ranger had the Lion Hammer.

Black OO Ranger had the Drive Slammer.

Cheetah and Elephant Ranger's Jungle Mace was hammer-like.

Space Red had the Spiral Saber.

Red Lightspeed's part of the Rescuebird was a drill.

Drill Blaster in OO.

Zeo Ranger 2's Double Clubs.

Tiger Ranger's Jungle Chucks

Billy gave Jason this Blue shield that was a mirror, which was part of the 'Zyu 2' footage in "Power Stealer," in another episode Kimberly had a mirror with the Triceratops symbol.

Zeo Ranger I had a disc.

Tricera Shield of the Blue Dino Ranger

The Shield of Triumph could also be wielded like a sword by the Red/Triassic Ranger.

Deer Clutcher was the White Ranger's US exclusive weapon based on the green deer zord. I guess that the Red Ranger's Falcantor was a claw too.

Navy Thunder Ranger has the Navy Antler.

Yellow Ranger's Douzer claws.

The Master Jungle Fury Ranger's Claw Boosters.

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Luca said...

AWESOME! Very creative weapon designs! (The "claws" are called katars, though.)