Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Power Rangers Lance/Staff/Rod Users

Blue Ranger's Power Lance

Golden Power Staff in Zeo

The Black Ranger had the Lunar Lance in Space.

Lightspeed Rangers had the V-Lancers.

White Tiger Baton in Wild Force.

The Thunder Rangers had the Thunder Staffs in Ninja Storm.

Brachio Staff and Tyranno Staff in Dino Thunder.

Four SPD Rangers had the Deltamax Strikers.

White Mystic Ranger's Magi Staff, also the other girl's staffs.

Each Legend Mystic Warriors had one of these.

The Fire Dragon Ranger had twin dragon staffs.

Red OO Ranger had the Drive Lancer.

Cheetah Ranger had the Jungle Bo, which is basically a rod.

RPM's Rail Saber was more like a rod than a sword.

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