Thursday, August 19, 2010

Super Sentai Giant Robo Weapons

Not all the Giant Robos had swords, some sabers, guns, staffs and drills.

Battle Fever Robo had a sword and a hatchet. No shield.

Daidenjin (Giant Electric Man) had the Denzi Sword. It also had a boomerang, no shield.

Sunvulcanrobo had the Solar Sword (Aurora Plasma Return), Vulshield, Vultonfa, Vulhand, Vulcansun, and Vulcan Cannons. Maybe the first to have a shield.

Goggle Robo had the Earth Sword and shield in Goggle V.

Dynaman's Dynarobo had a lot of individual weapons: Science Sword, Dynaknuckles, Dynashield, Dynaboomerang, and Beat Hammer.

Biorobo had Super Maser sword and had a chainsaw attack.

Changerobo had the sword in the shield, the Blitzkrieg Sword, also had hand missiles.

Flash King had the Cosmo Sword, King Missiles, and King Knuckles.

Great Five had the Photon Lizer Sword , Gyro Cutters, and the Great Gun. Maybe the first to have a gun.

Live Robo had Super Beast Sword and Double Cannons. No Shield.

Turbo Robo had the High Speed Sword and Turbon Cannons. Also had a shield.

Fiverobo had the Super Dimension Sword and Twin Cannons.

StarFive had the Star Gun and shield.

Jet Icarus had the Birdonic Sabre Sword, Icarus Axe Complex hatchet, Icarus Magna hammer, Jet Lance, Jet Daggers, Icarus Crushe, Shot Puncher, and Wing Shield. Also TetraBoy was used as a cannon.

Dinosaur Sword Godhorn for Daizyugun. Of course I know about the Mammoth Shield.

In Dairanger, they were known as the Daioken (Great King Sword) and Dai Javelin (made out of the Flying Dragon Rod) for Dairenoh. No Shield.

In Kakuranger, it was called Flaming Shogun Sword for Invincible Shogun, which Ninja Red could use it. No Shield.

In Ohranger it was called the Crown Sword for the Ohranger Robo.

The Twin Blockens for the OhBlocker.

The RV Sword in Carranger for the RV Robo.

Mega Saber in Megaranger for the Mega Galaxy.

Also the Booster Rifle.

In Gingaman, the Gingaoh had the Silver Armor Sword.

In Gingaman, they were called the Twin Bullswords and Knight Axe, which BullBlack could use.

The Bravor Sword for the Victory Robo in GoGoV.

Victory Mars in GoGoV had the Jet Lance and Mars Rapid.

Time Robo Alpha's Time Space Sword.

TTime Robo Beta's Flyer Magnum.

Gao King used the animals as weapons like the Shark, Elephant, Giraffe, Deer and others.

Sword Slasher for Senpujin in Hurricanger.

Abarenoh used the Tyrannosaurus tail was used as a drill.

MaxOhja used these staffs known as RhamphoGolds.

the Dekaranger Robo had the Judgment Sword.

In Magiranger, the Mermaid Lance, Taurus Axe, and Phoenix Sword made the King Calibur.

MagiLegend's Spear Calibur.

Wolkazier's was called the WolGlaive I believe, I'm not sure.

DaiBouken used the other vehicles as weapons. Oh yeah, I did forget about the scooper and the other thing.

GekiTohja's staff was called the GekiSetsukon. It also used the other beasts as weapons.

In Gekiranger, SaiDaiOh's SaiDaiken (Break Big Sword).

EngineOh had the Go-On Sword.

ShinkenOh had the DaiShinken sword and used a Secret Disc as a shield.

Mougyudaioh had a gun.

Gosei great uses the Dragon Sword and other Headders as weapons.


James Spiring said...

Don't forget Daizyujin's mammoth shield. And Daibouken had the Go Picker and Go Scooper, which combine into the GoGo Sword but didn't come from a mecha.

Mugen said...

The DaiJavelin also consists of SeiHoou's tail.