Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Power Ranger Axe Users

Black Ranger had the Power Axe that also became the Cosmic Cannon.

Zeo Ranger 3 had an axe and Zeo Ranger 4 had a Hatchet.

Blue Ranger had the Astro Axe.

Titanium Ranger had the Titanium Laser that became an Ax.

Black Ranger had the Bison Axe in Wild Force.

The Magi Staff Axe Mode from the Green Ranger.

The Ranger Green had the Turbo Axe in RPM.

Tell me if I am missing any. In Gingaman, Bull Black (Magna Defender) had an ax.

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Brad Sharp (Zaxxon Q Blaque) said...

Actually, the Blue Zeo Ranger's weapon was bladed tonfas.