Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Power Rangers Sword/Saber Users

I give up Robert Fyle, who requested I do the swordsmen of Power Rangers. Here I am not counting Daggers, Lances, Staffs and Drills, they are next. Only 11 Red Rangers (MMPR, Aquitar, Zeo, Turbo, Galaxy, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, Mystic, OO, JF and RPM) had Swords.

The original Red Ranger had the Power Sword.

The White Ranger's Saba was a 'talking saber' but I'm putting that in the sword category.

The Aquitar Rangers had swords, only weapons we saw from Kakuranger. Ninja Red had a bigger sword.

Zeo Ranger 5 had a sword.

Zeo Pistols became sword-like blades.

Red Turbo Ranger had the Lighting Sword.

Each Turbo Ranger had a Turbo Sword.

The Lost Galaxy Rangers had the Quasar Sabers.

Magna Defender had the Magna Blaster, a sword that became a gun.

The Yellow Wild Force Ranger had the Golden Eagle Sword.

Blue Wild Force Ranger had the Sword of Pardolis, based on the Giraffe, his second Power Animal.

Lunar Wolf Ranger had the Lunar Cue.

The 3 Wind Rangers had the Ninja Swords.

Samurai Sword

The 3 Dino Rangers had the Thundermax Sabers, that became guns.

The Shield of Triumph could also be wielded like a sword by the Red/Triassic Ranger.

Shadow Ranger had a Shadow Saber in SPD.

Red Mystic Ranger had the Magi Staff Sword Mode

In Mystic Force, Koragg had this Sword of Darkness.

The Sentinel Knight became the Sentinel Sword in OO.

The Tiger and Shark Rangers had the Shark Sabers.

Ranger Red had the Street Saber.

 Samurai Rangers have Spin Swords.