Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Power Ranger Laser/Gun/Cannon Users

Group Weapon: Blade Blasters went from guns to blades.

Turbo's Thunder Cannon and Hand Blasters were like lasers.

Group Weapon: Turbo Ranger's Turbo Blasters.

Turbo Navigator became a laser.

Astro Blaster was the Space's team weapons.

Super Silverizer went from laser to blade in Space.

Magna Defender had the Magna Blaster, a sword that became a gun.

The Lightspeed team weapons were the Rescue Blasters that went from guns to batons.

Titanium Ranger had the Titanium Laser that became an Ax.

Thermo Blasters from PRLR.

Time Force Ranger's V-Weapons became a group cannon. They were all big lasers.

Team Weapons: Time Force Ranger's Chrono Blasters were American-made, not from Timeranger.

The Quantum Ranger had the Quantum Defender, which went from laser gun to sword-like blade.

Red Ranger's Lion Blaster

Black Ranger's Rhino Shooter, American Exclusive.

Wind Ranger's Hawk Blaster, and Sonic Fin.

Crimson Blaster was the Crimson Thunder Ranger's personal laser.

The 3 Wind Rangers had the Ninja Swords that became rifles.

The Lighting Riff Blaster was more like a Shamisen but it was also an laser.

The 3 Dino Rangers had the Thundermax Sabers, that became guns.

SPD's Delta Blasters, in Dekaranger it shot out bullets, it was replaced with lasers in PR.

The weapons of A-Squad were these long black guns with Ranger-color stripes.

Drive Defenders of OO.

Pink's weapon spit out water but it was laser-like.

Drive Detector from OO went from Laser to Metal Detector.

Rocket Blaster of RPM Ranger Black.

Turbo Cannon of RPM Ranger Blue.

Nitro Blasters of RPM became batons.

RPM had the Wheel Blasters, in Go-Onger they kept them inside the 'megazord' but in RPM, they took them 'out' once.

Let me know if I am missing any.


Luca said...


Anonymous said...

What about the transblaster

Lavender Ranger said...

Remind what that is again

EZ8 said...

I think Anon was referring to the Green Galaxy Ranger's Transdagger weapon.

Not counting large group-use cannons, you're still missing quite a bit...

MMPR: Power Ax Cannon Mode
Zeo: Zeo Laser Pistol
Turbo: Senturion Synergizer Blaster Mode
-Satellite Stunner
-Spiral Saber Booster Mode
-Quasar Launcher
-Trans Blaster
Lightspeed: V-Lancer Blaster Mode
TimeForce: Electro Booster (wish a toy add-on was released for this)
WildForce: Lunar Cue Blaster Mode
-Deltamax Striker
-Delta Enforcer
MysticForce: Laser Lamp
JungleFury: RhinoBlade Blaster Mode
-Sky Shift Blazer
-Rail Blaster
-Fire Smasher Cannon Blast Mode
- Whatever they name the Mogyu Bazooka