Friday, August 20, 2010

Poll Results: Best/Worst Kamen Rider Costumes?

Best Showa Kamen Rider Costume?
Black RX - 77 of 126 people's votes
J - 13, least votes

Worst Showa Kamen Rider Costume?
Amazon - 52 of 118 people's votes
ZX - 22 votes, the least

Best Showa Kamen Rider Helmet?
Black RX - 73 votes of 117 people's votes
Skyrider - 12 votes

Worst Showa Kamen Rider Helmet?
Amazon - 48 votes
V3 - 20 votes

Ugliest Secondary Kamen Rider Costume and Helmet?
Riderman - 61 of 108 people's votes
Habataki and Yuki got least votes at 15 votes.


Mugen said...

Geez, so much hate for poor Amazon. Seriously, now Stronger and X, those are some terrible Designs, especially stronger, but not Amazon...

Kean said...

yea i liked amazon's design much better then stronger's and x's

Casey said...

Shin's similar high disapproval suggests a dislike for organic Riders in general.

The fact that Amazon isn't based on a grasshopper might have also attracted purist backlash.

Black RX's high marks, in addition to affirming the nostalgia filter yet again, suggest that readers most favor sleek designs that look more like armor and less like insects. Thus: More like Sentai warriors.

Luca said...

Stronger had the most retarded design ever.