Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Fan Webisode "Mythical Destiny" is almost finished

I know we agreed on "Mythical Destiny" but after telling multiple people and gauging their reactions.
Legal Stuff: The fan film is not to find profit, it is purely for fun. Five descendants of warriors that fought for generation after generation to save the world from manifestation of anger, pain and depression. They were trained in an academy but it has now been destroyed and it is up to them to form a team. Marvin, descendant of trainers and mentors must convince some of them as well. This webisode is currently still in production, I will have it out on this blog Henshin Grid by Mid-October. I am having a team song made by my composer friend. It might appear on Youtube later on as well. I will be releasing a preview/promo/trailer soon.

Sean Gonzalez as Tyson Roman/Red
Seemingly an arrogant jerk, he is disciplined and bad ass fighter leader.

Raquel Santiago as Niki Hart/Pink
Niki dreams of being a bride. When her friend is injured, she vows for vengeance.

Peter Castillo as Rodrick Williams/Blue
He dreamed of being a doctor, but has to fulfill his duties.

Larry Leiva as Larry Nunez/Green
Apathetic guy, he didn't train that much and doesn't want to join the team.

Alexis Crowley as Jane Moore/Yellow
She is outspoken and sardonic. She recently broke up with her boyfriend, has a crush on Rodrick. I made Yellow female because I originally was doing Shinkenger and had no one else to recast.

Here is the Rangertalk topic about it if you want to talk about it
More Photos on my Flickr Account
I still have to do the photoshoot with Yellow, that's why her picture doesn't have the jacket.

The main villain is Vorous, based on Zilong from Dairanger.
Rest of the Cast
Lestre Escoto ... Marvin
Natasha Caplan ... Skylar, Niki's Friend
Johnny Midnite ... Vorous (above)

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Joey Turner said...

This looks promising. I'm definitely gonna check it out. say would you be needing any voice actors for monsters and what not? Cause I could help you out. My youtube account is trainlover476 so, look me up if you're interested

Lavender Ranger said...

Thanks Joey, I already got someone for that. Thanks.

Mark said...

Is it safe to assume the personalities are left over from when you wanted to do Shinkenger?

Lavender Ranger said...

Sort of, but my friends definitely made it their own. And there are some dramatic differences in plot you will see but I can't spoil anything.

Marielle said...

Looking beautiful! I've started brainstorming a fan film of Maskman. Already wrote one for JAKQ, all like mini-pilots. Can't wait to see it!

Shinken Red said...

hey, lavender ranger, if you are making a website, use the side profile images from super sentai time capsule in order to make the ranger profiles. also i was curious as to how old the rangers are, and if you made more episodes, and the white ranger appeared in one of them would you make him an adult, a little kid, or, a teenager?

Lavender Ranger said...

Um... those profiles are mine, that site is mine. And I won't tell, the sixth ranger factor would be a spoiler.

Shinken Red said...

Looking forward to viewing it.