Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Power Ranger Dagger Users

Yellow Ranger had the Power Daggers.

Green Ranger had the flute-like Dragon Dagger, how could he play it if his mouth wasn't exposed?

Yellow Ranger's Transdagger became the Deltra Daggers. Basically all five Galaxy Rangers had Daggers.

The Time Force Ranger's Chrono Sabers were more like large daggers.

The Blue Ranger's Shark Fins were like daggers.

Ptera Grips were like daggers as well.

White Ranger's Drago Sword was more like a dagger and a pen.

Rhino Ranger had the Control Dagger in Jungle Fury/

Cloud Hatchets from RPM were originally daggers in Go-Onger until there was a real-life dagger incident in Japan and they had to cange all references to them being daggers, by extension I suppose RPM producers probably didn't know.

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