Sunday, September 5, 2010

Metal Hero Villain Footsoldiers

After doing the Footsoldiers for Kamen Rider, I remembered VR Troopers had footosliders and did some research into the footsoldiers to Metal Heroes.

UPDATED 9/6/10 1:30 AM EST

Crushers (Gavan - 1982)
The villains of Gavan (1982), the Space Crime Organization Makuu had the Crushers. Picture thanks to a commenter. Apparently they wore motorcycle jackets and had red-yellow helmets (I kind of like them).

Soldier Psychoers (Sharivan-1983)
Space Crime Syndicate Madou's Grunts. This is the only picture I could find. They had faces a bit like the Golem Hei (mind you this series aired in 1984 and Zyuranger aired in 1992) and had black uniforms with what seems to be blue lighting and chains and armed with halberds.

Soldier Miraclers (Shaider-1984)
Fuuma followers who wear Rangda-style masks with big round eyes and fanged mouths armed with hatchets and rifles. They appeared on VR Troopers as Ultra Skugs for season two.

Juspion (1985) had the Commanders, I think this are them, not sure, let me know.

Kinclons (Speilban-1986)
Wahrer's mass-produced Battle Machine Soldiers, garbed in black tights with gold stripes, smiling gold masks with red eye slits, and black and gold capes. There were Kinclon with a robotic head which was revealed upon being struck by Spielban's Twin Saber. In VR Troopers, they called Skugs and were the footsoldiers in Speilban. For some reason, some fans believed the Skugs were American, but weren't.

Shadow Light Fighters (Metalder-1987)
A group of grunts trained in ninjutsu. They dressed in mostly black with silver thing on their right thigh and white arm band and strange masks. says they appeared as Mutant Scouts on VR Troopers.

Light Fighter Blue Kid appeared as a unnamed warrior in VR Troopers.

Shadow Mutant Scouts said to appear in VR Troopers as well.

Bird Ninjas Karasutengu (Jiraiya-1988)
They spoke, they flew and Their weapons include calthrop bombs and dart-shooting blowguns.

Masques (Jiban-1989)
Jiban's villains, the Criminal Syndicate Bioron had the Masques footsoliders. Picture thanks to a commenter.

Jansperson (1993), I don't know if they had footsoliders. The Metal Hero series Winspector, Solbrain, Exceedraft and Blue Swat didn't have big villain sects.

Jamar (B-Fighter-1995)
Faceless soldiers that served and worshipped Gaohm. They flew fighter jets and were often given menial tasks. They did appear in BBB, they were called Scabs.

Shineitai (B-Fighter Kabuto-1996)
The Melzard's footsoliders, two different types for Raija and Dezzle. They were called Dregs in Beetleborgs Metallix.


SirStack said...

Metalder's grunts were called Mutant Drones and appeared several times. Unlike the Skugs, they were never in US footage.

B Fighter's grunts were called Scabs in Beetleborgs, and did appear a lot.

BF Kabuto's grunts were called Dregs in Beetleborgs Metallix.

Anonymous said...

Here's screenshots I took of the Masques from Jiban and the Crushers from Gavan.

According to the Japanese Wikipedia, Juspion did have some enemy grunts as well called Commanders, but I couldn't find any pictures of them.

Anonymous said...

hey, the commanders in juspion are the right ones. I checked, just to let you know

Anonymous said...

weird, the footsoldiers of juspion doesn't appear in any wikipedia what so ever