Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ninja Captors

April 7, 1976 to January 26, 1977 on TV Tokyo 12 Channel, produced by Toei Company, Ltd. around the same time JAKQ was produced, or right before it went on air. Daisuke Izumo passes through the Wind-Demon Stealth-Army aiming for the Japanese conquest becomes the leader of ninja team "Captor" depending upon Mujin Tendou, it was to fight with the ninja whom Retsufuu Fuuma sends out.

Fire-Stealth Captor 7
Although he was the elite of Fuuma Ninja Crowd, he escapes taking advantage of Retsufuu Fuuma which is a general having begun to aim at Japanese conquest, and becomes spy, and the leader of Mujin Tendou to Captor which is once teacher is appointed.

Wind-Stealth Captor 6
He is the youngest Captor and he is an amount-on-hand school student. He is thick and rash, and friendship tends to accept and goes wrong mostly.

Gold-Stealth Captor 5
He is a spy. Maintenance charge of Captor Car or Captor Machine.

Ground-Stealth Captor 4
He is proud and has great hearing ability. He is the portly one.

Flower-Stealth Captor 3
The founder's Captor 3 Maria is acting as Keita's guardian, and is bright. After Fuuma Ninja Crowd was ruined, studying abroad and Miki, the granddaughter of Mujin Tendou were set to America with the second Captor 3. She is the sole girl.

Water-Stealth Captor 2
The junior in a North-South University. He manipulates water.

Thunder-Stealth Captor 1
He is the butler of Tendou house and is the oldest of the Captor at 40 years old. He has a good sniffing nose.


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