Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Zaido: Filipino Spin-Off to Shaider

Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan (09/24/07 – 02/08/08)
Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan (Zaido: The Space Sheriffs) is a Philippine series by GMA Network. It was meant to be a remake of the Metal Hero Series Uchuu Keiji Shaider. The production for the series began October 2006. Originally conceived to be a Filipino remake of the original Shaider that the Toei Company rejected the original script. Toei did give its blessing to a spin-off series set twenty years after the original Shaider series. The series' original working title was Shaido.

Twenty years have passed since Alexis del Mundo, also known as the second Shaider, destroyed the clan of Fuuma Le-ar. The descendants of the clan, now known as the Kuuma, have emerged to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting universe. Gallian, a descendant of del Mundo, has a mission and forms an elite group of space police known as the Zaido.

Alexis Lorenzo/Zaido Green/Sigma
Marky Cielo played Alexis, who witness his father death from a sniper's bullet. He then vowed to help destroy evil. When Gallian finds him he joins the Galactic Force and eventually becomes the Green Zaido. He has feelings for Amy but has not yet realized this. His name, Alexis, is the same as the main character in the Philippine dubbed version of Shaider. Alexis turns out to be Drigo's son, which Helen had said to him, and half-human half-Kuuma. When he transforms he utters the words: Codename: Zaido Green: Disciple of Goodness.

Gallian Magdalion/Zaido Blue
Gallian was the Crown Prince of the Planet Nalax prior to the Kuuma-supported coup by his uncle Izcaruz which resulted in the death of his parents. His training for the Kingship of Nalax, coupled with his heritage, makes him a talented and dedicated leader. Based on his rank, his name, having the commander's daughter as his love and his alien origins he represents Uchuu Keiji Gavan. When he transforms he says the words: Codename: Zaido Blue: Sentinel of Peace.

Cervano Torres/Zaido Red
Cervano is Alexis' cousin who was wealthy but later leaves after finding out he was an adopted child. He is kidnapped by the Kuuma but is saved by Gallian and Alexis. But even with his less than pleasing personality he manages to attract the girls. He is also the biological son of Sharina one of Shaider's children (she is named after Sharivan the space sheriff). When he transforms he says: Codename: Zaido Red: Guardian of Freedom.

Toby Mendoza/Zaido Gold/Shadow
Toby Mendoza is Cervano's fan in college who was being bullied by friends who become traitors to Cervano. Toby is ill and to survive he needs B- blood which Cervano donates since he also had B- blood. After his recovery he becomes best friends with Cervano. Seeing Cervano being beaten up by his former friends he saves him with the help of his newly acquired powers which came from Cervano's blood. He styles himself "Zaido Gold" and fashions a costume out of painted motocross riding gear. He has participated in several battles with, and in some cases in place of, the Zaido and asks Cervano if he can be part of the team. When he is refused we next see him as Shadow a Zaido-like enemy who fights against the Zaido.

Kuuma Le-ar
The evil leader of the Kuuma Empire bent on annihilating all beings in the galaxy. Le-ar is a giant head with a third eye on his forehead and is permanently situated on the center Kuuma Palace wall. He spews the monsters out a cocoon from his mouth. He seeks to retrieve his body which was found on Earth before the Zaido Squad does. He is beheaded by Zaido Blue.

Ida II
Ida is the grandson and advisor of Le-ar. He is also the high priest of the Kuuma and like his ancestor God Officer Poe, Babaylan Ida in the Philippine dubbed version, Ida maintains his flawless androgynous appearance by imbibing a concoction made from the blood of 13 young women.

Drigo II
As Le-ar's field commander Drigo leads the Kuuma in their campaign against Earth. He is rather incompetent and is often the subject of derogatory comments. Flashbacks reveals that he had a relationship with Sharina Cervano's real mother but unbeknownst to him. Drigo turns out to be the father of Alexis, not Cervano, and points out that his son is half-human and half-Kuuma. He dies after he saves his son Alexis.

Amasonang Itim, leader of the amasonas and an expert in blades. Amasonang Lila, the fastest among the group and whose weapon is kali. After Gallian saves Itim (Black Amazon) from a hostage-taker she readily falls for him but she is rejected and told off by Carmela. Adding to the fact that she was cheated on by her former boyfriend she is pushed to breaking and joins Kuuma.
Amasonang Lila's (Purple Amazon) is Ramiro's daughter and a colleague of Mona's at the newspaper. Debbie has recently discovered that it was her father who ordered the execution of Alvaro Alexis' older brother.

Amasonang Puti/Stacy (White Amazon) was one of Cervano's former girlfriends. From her group she alone is cursed with a conscience and must struggle every time to choose between doing good or evil. Amasonang Rosas/Marla (Pink Amazon) is a martial arts expert who used to be one of Doctor Eng's boarders. Before she became an Amasona she was harassed by her training officer at a fast food chain. Of all the Amasonas she is the strongest. Amasonang Kahel/Rhea (Orange Amazon) is another girlfriend that Cervano has scorned and she becomes more aggressive after becoming part of the Kuuma Empire.


Shurikenger said...

Wow, I'd like to see this. So who are the villains?

Anonymous said...

I am so embarrassed.

Shinken Saint said...

Oh no Shurikenger, you never want to see this. I am a Filipino and this show sucks! I am a fan of Shaider growing up but Zaido is just horrible.

The women are hot though, maybe you'd want to see them, hehehe...

Shinken Saint said...

Costumes are horrible, too, if I may add.

Lavender Ranger said...

Shinken Saint, good to know! I haven't seen the series.

UkiyaSeed said...

To be honest, I have high hopes for Zaido at first that is why I watched the first week and I was expecting that during that week, they will show us some monsters, but no, they didn't. And so, I dropped the series.

The concepts coming from the show are good but the problem is the execution and the timeslot. If they decided to make it a weekly superhero show, this show might work. Oh, and they should fix the suits to make it more like Metal Hero-esque.