Friday, August 26, 2011

Terebikun 9/2011

Pictures from:

Goujyujin and GokaiOh combine, notice the Abaranger keys and GokaiSilver in the cockpit on the right side.

Jetman episode, notice Gai has his changer and he might transform into Black Condor (left) and the team as Jetman (right).

All of Basco's Bangai Heroes Keys. Mele, Rio and Zuuban in the top left. MagiMother, DekaMaster and Wolzard Fire in top right and Signalman, DekaSwan and Princess Shinken Red on bottom left. Red with the cannon in silhouette.
UPDATED 8/26/11

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Brian S said...

I knew they had to have Gojyujin swap arms with Gokaioh sooner or later. That and bust out the Gokaibuster. Simply Awesome.