Friday, September 30, 2011

Gokaiger Rumored Episodes 33-41

Episode 33:
'Hero Daaaa!' (I'm a hero!)

Airs- 10/09/11
Gai's GokaiCellular is swallowed by the new Action Commander, Zakyura. Gai can neither transform, or fight. The worrying Gai runs into a Delivery Man from a Chinese Restaurant. He turns out to be none other than the former Ryuuranger, Tenkasei Ryou!

Episode 34:
'Yume wo Kanaete' (Dream Comes True)

Airs- 10/16/11
A Space Businessman (and rich person) appears before Luka. He turns out to be Luka's childhood friend, Kain. Action Commander Vannain appears as the villain this episode. Luka's childhood friend, Kain, will be played by Kimisawa Yuki, aka, Kirihiko/Nazca Dopant (The dude who we saw his butt in Kamen Rider W). The title is an obvious nod to Dynaman, so maybe they'll stick in the use of that power here.

Episode 35:
'Jigen no Mukou' (The Dimension on the Other Side)

Airs- 10/23/11
The Gaiark officer, Chirakashizuki appears. Go-Onger tribute part 1.

Episode 36:
Title- Aibou Kaizoku (Parter Pirate)

Airs- 10/30/11
In front of the Gokaiger appeared a mysterious robot, whose name was Bonper! Former Go-OnRed, Esumi Sosuke, appears.  The Gokaiger end up taking on Chirakashizuki and another Gaiark officer, Babaachuudo, to stop their attack on the Gunman World. However, the Gokaiger fall into a Gaiark trap! There hope lies in....Enjin MachFalcon! 

Following are Rumors:
Episode 39:
Megaranger Tribute Episode. The Gokaiger disugise themselves as high school students and enter Moroboshi High. Kenta has become a teacher at Moroboshi High School. The 6 Gokaiger enter the High School. Guest Starring Ooshiba Hayato as Date Kenta/MegaRed

Episode 40:
Timeranger Tribute Episode. Guest starring Izumi Shuuhei as TimeYellow/Domon. GojyuuDrill arrives from the future bringing a letter from none other than, former TimeYellow, Domon. The letter tells the Gokaiger they must stop a a certain shrine from being destroyed on October 2nd, 2010. There, on that date, The Gokaiger find the Goseiger and Shinkenger battling, and they meet a man, Moriyama Mirai (most likely Domon's son with reporter Honami.)

Episode 41:
Aihm's backstory episode. The Emperor's bodyguards, who destroyed Planet Famille, appear. Emperor Akudos Ghil, accompanied by his bodyguards Dairandor and Satsurigu, arrives at the Gigant Horse. He has Damaras imprisoned for not being able to protect the Prince. Satsurigu begins a horrifying attack on the Earth, the same force that killed Aihm's parents, and destroyed her planet, Planet Famille.

Here's the big one. Gokaiger's winter movie will be called "Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger VS Gavan". Rumored to guest star Ohba Kenji as Ichijouji Retsu/Gavan, Akebono Shiro/Battle Kenya and Oume Daigorou/DenjiBlue.


Luca said...

I once had a dream that on the final episode, the Gokaigers sacrificed their lives to bring back every discontinued toku (Sazer, GARO, Space Sheriff, Rainbowman, Tomica Hero, basically any other toku I didn't name, ect) and there would be a new season of basically EVERY toku the next year.

Daniel J. said...

I hope they do the Kakuranger tribute soon, I really want to see him them meet Tsuruhime, Sasuke, Jiraiya or some combination of the three, and see what Toei considers their "Greater Power" on the robots, considering how many robots Kakuranger had.

Dessa said...

Is it just me, or does Luka seem to be a walking tribute to W?

Her striped shirts look like Philip's.
When she switched bodies with Don, she was flat-out a blond expy of Philip.
And now her childhood friend is Philip's brother-in-law.

I might just be noticing it more since I just watched W for the first time last week, but still...

Raimi Nuruddin said...

Gavan vs Gokaiger is coolest thing ever! Just add all of the Space Sheriff too... The only thing that could top that would be AkaRed revealed to be a visitor from Planet Spider, Spiderman!

ChrisX said...

Hm. I wonder if in the future they'd make a Zyuranger episode? Provided that the Timeranger rumor will come true. said...

I really wanted to see ALL of the original actors to apppear in each one if the episodes.
I guess with Toei's budget and the inavailibilitys of the actors.
1 or 3 alumni is as good as it gets. I hope they do a MASKMAN and Turboranger episode.