Sunday, January 1, 2012

One Color Changes in Gokaiger

 First 5 Red Change in Goseiger vs. Shinkenger and Episode 40
Goukai Yellow became Geki Red, Goukai Blue became Bouken Red, Goukai Red became Go-On Red, Goukai Green became Deka Red and Goukai Pink became Magi Red.

Second 5 Red Change in Episode 2
GokaiYellow became Geki Red in Goseiger vs. Shinkenger and GokaiPink became Geki Red. GokaiPink became MagiRed in the teamup movie and GokaiYellow became MagiRed in 2nd episode.

 6 Red Change in Gokaiger vs. Gavan
Silver becomes TimeFire, Yellow becomes MagiRed, Green becomes OhRed, Red becomes Akaranger, Blue becomes Red Racer and Pink becomes Princess Shinken Red

5 Red Change in Stageshow #1
In a stageshow early when Gokaiger started and a couple other stageshows. Gokai Yellow as Deka Red, no skirt of course and Gokai Pink as Shinken Red.

5 Red Change in Stageshow #2
Gokai Red as ChangeDragon, Green is MagiRed, Blue is GingaRed, Yellow is Shinken Red and Pink is DekaRed.

5 Red Change in Stageshow #3
In another stage show, it was around June 25th (I found it on someone's Blog in Japanese), Gokai Yellow becomes Shinken Red and Gokai Pink becomes Go-On Red. I am guessing Green is Geki Red and Blue is Gosei Red.

Three Black Change in Episode 3
GokaiPink became Go-On BlackGokaiYellow became Ninja Black and Blue became Abareblack.

 Three White Change in Episode 3
Blue was Big One, Yellow was GaoWhite and Pink was WhiteSwan.

 6 Silver Change in Episode 18
In Episode 18, Pink becomes Go-On Silver, Green became GaoSilver, GokaiSilver, Red became BoukenSilver (first time he became a non-Red), Blue became GoseiKnight (which is considered Silver by Toei), and Yellow became MegaSilver.

6 Green Change in Episode 43
 In Episode 43, they make an all-green change. Ahim becomes Green Flash, Gai became Shurikenger, Don became MidoRanger, Marvelous become DenjiGreen, Joe became ShinkenGreen, Luka becomes Shishi Ranger, with a skirt

6 Yellow Change in Episode 44
Pink became GoseiYellow, Green became HurricaneYellow, Silver became KirinRanger, Yellow became BoukenYellow, Red became GaoYellow and Blue became Tiger Ranger.

6 Blue Change in Episode 45
Pink becomes MagiBlue, Yellow becomes Blue Dolphin, Blue becomes ShinkenBlue, Red becomes GoseiBlue, Silver becomes AoRanger, and Green becomes TimeBlue.

6 Pink Change in Gokaiger Vs Gavan
 In Gokaiger vs. Gavan, we don't know who is everyone because the movie hasn't premiered yet. GokaiYellow becomes Bouken Pink and GokaiPink is Mega Pink and I think Gokai Red is Pteraranger. Lots of people have been waiting for this and thought maybe it was not going to happen because modern social convention in US and Japan (and many other countries), pink is thought of being a girl's color (which I think is silly). Other people still think it is wrong. 

6 White Change in Gokaiger Vs Gavan
In Gokaiger vs. Gavan, Gokai Yellow as Gao White, Gokai Pink as Geki Chopper and I think that Gokai Silver is Kibaranger, Gokai Red is Big One, Gokai Blue is Deka Break and Gokai Green is AbareKiller, not sure.

All they are missing is an 6 Black change and an All-Gold change (like 4).


Jason 嘉陞 said...

Honestly, I think that in vs. Gavan, Ahim will become Magi Red, and Luka will become Shinken Red (mainly because Luka is more likely to hold the sword over her shoulder).

Mr. Yellow said...

I think think they could cheat and call Zuuban a gold as well. Too bad there's no DekaGold or Demon Hunter key.

Anonymous said...

For the all white change, I think Luka is Gao White, Don is Kibaranger, Gai is Big One, Marvelous is Deka Break, Joe is Abare Killer and Pink is Geki Chopper

Sting said...

isn't gokai not goukai