Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sorry, no Gokaiger Ep45 Pics today

 Today no one posted high-definition pictures of Episode 45 and the connection to KeyHole was pretty bad, so I couldn't make caps either. Essentially today was a clip show, the Rangers finally figure out there was something in the temple that the Timerangers sent them too and uncover Ninjaman. He explains he was sealed 10 years ago and had no idea about the Legend War. So in the GokaiGalleon, they explain about the Zangyack, the Legend War and their battles. They have a neat montage of all their team Gokai Changes, start with Kakuranger, then Goseiger and going all the way down to Goranger (Since they already did Kakuranger, they go from Ohranger to Dairanger). They show off different changes like all blue (Ahim-MagiBlue, Don-TimeBlue, Gai-Aoranger, Marvelous-GoseiBlue, Joe-ShinkenBlue and Luka-Blue Dolphin) and all lions (sans Hurricane Yellow of course).

After the commercial break, they highlight all the Legends they met like Kai and the power they unlocked (MagiDragon), Ban and Doggie and the Patstriker; GaoRed and GaoLion; Karou and the Shinken power; Mikoto, Dragon Ranger, Time Fire and Goujyujn; the Hurricangers and Fura Maru; and the other Legends; and finally Machalcon. Then they talk about Basco and that he has 5 legend powers and they need Kakuranger's. Ninjaman declines. He gives a long explainaiton, taking Ahim and Gai away happily. The others aren't too happy. We see NinjaWhite briefly, she addresses the audience.

Episode 46:

Check out Jefusion for the Raw:


Drunken Lemur said...

I don't see Gai in that group picture of them as the Kakurangers, is it possible that Ninjaman gave him his key?

Mjolnir said...

So Ninja White didn't show up to the Gokaigers?

Lavender Ranger said...

No, Ninja White did not show herself to the Gokaiger. And You can see GokaiSilver with Ninjaman and the others in one shot. In the other, maybe he becomes Gold Mode.