Sunday, January 1, 2012

Specific or Significant Gokai Changes

 Like the All-color changes, here are some (not all) changes (I'm not counting Go-On Wings because of its frequency of usage) that were not just one team, but had a meaning.
 In Episode 12, the four Gokaiger sans Blue became different members of different teams fighting individually (Luka became MegaYellow and YellowMask, Marvelous became Ryuranger and BoukenRed, Ahim became DenjiPink and Pink Flash, Don became MidoRanger and OhGreen), but as a team, they were TimePink, Green Sai, HurricaneRed, and AbareYellow.

 In Episode 17, GokaiYellow became MegaSilver, Green became Dragon Ranger, Red became Time Fire, Pink became AbareKiller and Blue became MagiShine. The Gokaiger became Sixth Rangers before GokaiSilver was known to them.

 In Episode 23, in honor of the sibling team GoGoFive, Ahim and Luka became FivePink and FiveYellow, who were sisters.

 In Episode 23, Ahim became MagiPink and Luka became MagiYellow; they were siblings: brother and sister.

 In Episode 25, in honor of the trio of Hurricanger, Red, Yellow and Blue became Liveman.

  In Episode 25, in honor of the trio of Hurricanger, Yellow, Red, and Blue became Abaranger.

In Episode 29, Ahim was embarrassed to become AbarePink!

 In Episode 37, they used the Extra Hero keys for the first time. Ahim became DekaSwan, Don became Signalman, Marvelous became Wolzard Fire, Gai became Kuro Kishi (proving that he can use any key using the GokaiPhone) and Luka became Zuuban.

 In Episode 41, Ahim changed with each member into different duos. She became Go-On Silver and Gai became Go-On Gold, finally, after had becoming Go-On Wings.

In Episode 41, Don became KabutoRaijer and Ahim became Kuwagata Raijer.

 In Episode 41, Joe became DekaMaster and Ahim became DekaSwan.
In Episode 41, Marvelous became Shinken Red, and Ahim became Princess Shinken Red.

Also Luka became GoseiYellow and Ahim became GoseiPink.

 In Episode 44, Gokai Silver became Gokai Christmas.

For Episode 45, they transform into Lion-based Rangers. Ahim as GingaRed, Don as Shishiranger, Gai as GoseiKnight, Marvelous as GaoRed, Joe as Go-On Blue, and Luka as Yellow Lion.

 In Episode 49, the Gokaiger become members that gave their approval for their powers that Basco had stolen but they got back. Ahim as Green Flash, Don as Change Gryphon, Marvelous as VulEagle, Joe as Blue Mask, and Luka as FiveYellow.


Dessa said...

Shouldn't that be "Luka as Zuuban", not "Luka as Marvelous"?

Bruce said...

Maskman individual names have their colors first before "Mask". So it should Yellow Mask instead of Mask Yellow.

Sting said...

Isn't gokai sliver not go on silver