Friday, March 9, 2012

Finally! Power Rangers Merchandise Bonanza

It has been a while since PRS premiered, more than a year and finally we are seeing merch. I went to Toys R US today in Miami where I live (Dadeland Mall to be more specific) and found a poster, coloring books (I bought a mondo one), that card book everyone is talking about, more MegaBloks product and Umbrella. Alex Heartman had a 2-hour 'chat' on Facebook and in the office he was in had new merch we haven't seen yet like a Mega mode bank, skateboard, pajamas and more.

Nothing new of Megabloks in some places but first time I see the Racers and Mega sets in Miami.

 The coloring book I got has coloring pages of SPD, Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive (Only the boys and mostly drawings of the toys that were not on the show), Jungle Fury (calls Wolf Ranger 'Violet'), RPM and Samurai. They got villains from Samurai and Operation overdrive, the only mistake I see is Sentinel Knight is called a "Chiller." Comes with one sheet of Samurai Stickers.

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