Saturday, March 10, 2012

Power Rangers Super Samurai - Something Fishy - Episode Review

 "Something Fishy"
Antonio is afraid of fish and can't hold his Barracuda Blade and quits being a Ranger because when he was turned into a fish, he was traumatized. The Rangers use aversion therapy to get over their fears: Jayden vs. a spider, Mia vs. a frog, Mike vs. an enclosed space (a closet!), and Kevin vs. Mia' cooking. Apparently Emily isn't afraid of anything.

 It doesn't work and Serrator has joined Xandred's crew and attacks and makes the Ranger loose. Antonio is entrusted to program the Light Zord which Jii says past Rangers couldn't make it work. In Shinkenger, Gold made the zord but here it was an old thing. Anyway, Jii sticks a sushi in Antonio's mouth to 'stop the foolishness' and get over it.

Antonio programs the Light Zord in time to save Jayden who is getting his butt kicked in the Megazord against one of Serrator's monsters. Antonio saves the day and is able to cook and eat fish again.

Entertaining, but it would had been cool if Antonio could had enter in a  new cockpit. In Shinkenger, Light Zord speaks, here he doesn't but it seems to have a mind of his own.

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animemaster9009 said...

Still it feels weird to see him but not hear him talk.

dianamagupayo said...

That title is not to be confused with the name of that same title in the M.M.P.R. Series. "Something's Fishy", isn't it?

Anonymous said...

The Light Zord Speaks in Mega Mode, not in Lantern Mode