Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How would a combo of Gokaiger and Goseigers work?

NOTE: This was written before we found out Goseiger suits and footage would be Megaforce in 2013 and Gokaiger suits and footage would be used for 2014.
There are rumors that Gokaiger and Goseiger might be mixed as one Power Rangers. I put a poll on this. [The following are just rumors and speculations, nothing set in stone]

The first poll I wrote was:
How would you feel if Goseiger suits were used with the Gokaiger concept for Power Rangers?
The options were 'sad,' 'mad,' 'horrible,' 'happy,' and 'don't know.' But the majority voted for 'happy' (on Monday May 7), led me to believe I wasn't clear with message. But once I made the second poll on Tuesday May 8, it was changed.

I don't think people understood the poll below. How would you feel if the Goseiger suits were used instead of Gokaiger for Power Rangers and they became past Rangers?
The options were same and the majority voted for horrible so far.

Why would Saban combine the two? One reason could be to utilize the Goseiger costumes but also do the 20th anniversary by having Goseiger suits and have them transform into past Power Rangers. And how would it happen? I don't know, there are a number of options but all the solutions I see are too time consuming and vastly unnecessary since everything is intertwined. 

 1. MMPR Season 2-Style
Power Rangers used the Zyuranger suits and weapons in season 2 and zords and monsters from Dairanger. They also used 'Zyu 2' footage combined with the Thunder Megazord in editing. They could have Goseiger suits and Gokaiger zords and monsters and re-shoot footage with Goseiger fight Gokaiger monsters and villains.
Cons: Sloppy editing and having to re-shoot a lot of stuff and either using Gokaiger or Goseiger monsters would be confusing. For example, if they use Goseiger monsters and Gokaiger villains or Gokaiger monsters and Goseiger monsters.

A. Goseiger suits and zords vs. Gokaiger monsters and villains
B. Goseiger suits and Gokaiger zords (including footage of Great Powers) vs. Goseiger monsters and villains
C. Goseiger suits and Gokaiger zords vs. Gokaiger monsters and villains (just make new cockpits)

2. All-Goseiger, just Gokaiger concept
They could use all the Goseiger footage (suits, weapons, zords, villains and monsters) and just have alumnis arrive and have tributes but without the Ranger Keys. They could add the Ranger Keys and footage of them transforming into past Rangers.
Cons: Using the Ranger Keys, they would have to use the Mobirates or make a new morpher that is Goseiger-like but used the Ranger Keys. 

A. All-Goseiger footage, no Ranger Keys, no transforming, just alumnis
B. All-Goseiger footage, change morphers to have Ranger Keys and transforms into past Rangers, Alumnis.
C. Same as B but also new footage of Ranger Keys in cockpits.

Everything is connected:
- The Ranger Keys are connected to the Gokaiger morpher Mobirates. They could make a new morpher that was Goseiger-like and didn't use the pirate-like Gokaiger symbol. (See #2 above).
- If they used the Goseiger suits and Gokaiger zords, the zords still have the pirate symbol and the Goseiger have animal heads.
- If they used Gokaiger monsters and villains, they would have to fight the Gokaiger zords or they do editing and have it like MMPR Season 2 (See #1 above).

I just think combining the two is horrid idea. This all sounds way complicated and too contrived and time consuming. But it is an idea that has crossed my mind. I don't think they would realistically do it. If they were so adamant in using the Goseiger footage, they would just have it all Goseiger.

-The names 'Mega Force' and 'Ultra Mega Force' being copyrighted last year. When they were copyrighted, fans concluded it would be Goseiger. Since Shinkenger was split into 'Samurai' for 2011 and 'Super Samurai' for 2012 and lasted 2 years, it would be logical to conclude that Saban would split the next one into two years as well and have Goseiger be split into 'Mega Force' and 'Ultra Mega Force.' Since Goseiger has Super Modes, it would make sense that would be used as 'Ultra Mega Force' like 'Super Samurai.' Plus Gokaiger has no super modes. (But that hasn't stopped Saban before. Re: Mega Mode)
- Current Cast sides for April and May Power Rangers casting still says 'Black Ranger.' In the castings held in October/November of 2011.
- Disney or Saban have never skipped a Sentai, each has been one after another.
Note: We now know Goseiger suits and footage was used for the first season of Megaforce in 2013. The suits will also be used for Super Megaforce.

- Toei is reported to be filming the Legacy War for Saban excluding non-Power Ranger Sentai. Why would this be asked to be done if Saban was going to adapt for Goseiger for 2013? Hold on to the footage for a year or two years going by the 'Ultra Mega Force' copyright. But just because the names are copyrighted doesn't mean they will be used. Hasbro regained rights to Jem and yet have anything to do with it. Many companies copyright names but don't use them.
- The casting sides out for April/May 2012 have concepts from Gokaiger
- The castings started in October of  2011 but was postponed for April 2012. They said because of the 20th Anniversary, they were elevating the seasons' creative to entirely new heights.
Note: We now know Gokaiger suits and footage are being used for season two of Megaforce in 2014. The Goseiger suits will also be used. They morph from Megaforce (Goseiger) to Super Megaforce (Gokaiger). Gokaiger monsters and footage will be used the most.


ZeroFlame16 said...

If Gokaiger is used, Gokaiger is adapted with their stuff, not trying to combine Gokaiger and Goseiger. I would be happy just having the Goseiger be like what the Alien Rangers were in MMPR S3. I just dont like the idea of mixing the two seasons together.

Anonymous said...

i would like goseiger to be adapted. as mentioned before, there is many references to MMPR. the core team has black instead of green. datas look like alpha, master head looks like zordon etc

even if they did combine the villians, they can do it like operation overdrive, with 4 groups being active at the same time (3 from goseiger and zanyark from gokaiger).

BlazeMaster said...

Here's my idea of Goseiger/Gokaiger combo season work.
(Might be bad and complicated, but it's just my idea)

First,the show is going to be a Gokaiger adaptation.
I'm going to assume the show is going to be 2-seasons/years deal like Samurai/Super Samurai.
In "season 1" (2013), we can introduce Goseiger as part of rangers in Legend War, and not appear for whole season. Also, episodes with rangers transformation of Goseiger is going to skip for later. So it's basically like SPD A-Squad, where they were introduce in episode 1 and come back later.

Then during the break (if the show last 2-years), have a mini-series or side-seasons (10-12 episodes) to introduce Goseiger as a prequel to Gokaiger. At the end, we can see how it lead to "season 1".*

"Season 2" (2014), can continue where season 1 left off, and since Goseiger were introduced, we can use footage of Goseiger transformation.

* If it's possible, Saban can make movie (theatrically or TV), that has Gokaiger/Goseiger team up (199 Hero Great Battle Movie), which can take place after Goseiger series, so that we can see "extended cut" of Legend War (if there is one).

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

My theory is that Goseiger will be used like the Alien Rangers/Kakuranger footage. They'll be an auxiliary team used solely as a team in a two part episode/TV Movie.

This team was at the PR Legend War, lost their powers and want them back. Similar to the Goseiger/Gokaiger crossover, the team swoops in during a Pirate battle at super blurry speed to take back their keys so they're in the suits the rest of the time. They dump a bunch of exposition about how they're X from Y and they need to Z. The two fight each other, then are forced to join forces, before giving up the powers and leaving to get on a dimension hoping subway train.

It saves money on actual "actors" and explains this team in their broadest strokes so that we can justify the use of Goseiger suits in the Gokaiger footage.

Vickram101 said...

Another method you forgot is that they could use Goseiger to bridge Samurai to Megaforce, the same way they used MMAR to bridge MMPR to ZEO.

Victor said...

I don't see a mix of both series concepts working, they're just too diffrerent.

Also speak clear of why Saban could do the mix of both series, as surely most readers of your site aren't small kids. They would do it to decrease costs.