Saturday, May 12, 2012

Power Rangers Super Samurai - The Master Returns - Episode Review

Jayden 'goes crazy' on the others during training and Jii takes him away to talk about it, he is still bothered about what Deker said. Jayden thinks he lost his warrior's edge. Xandred wants Dayu's Harmonium because he is uneasy, has a headache and his 'medicine' is not working. (Medicine in Shinkenger was Sake, liquor). Dayu wants to speed up the Harmonium to be fixed. Octoroo demands the Harmonium from Serattor and they go to Earth. Bulk and Spike want donuts and bump into Jii when he is getting snacks. Jii mentions Emily as his Drill Seargant and Bulk and Spike are scared. Octoroo says that Xandred's anger was crazy before Dayu came along, her music cured his pain, she was playing it in a forrest. We see him on Earth in the Forrest in the flashback. Serrator says Xandred is a weakling and he is just like him. He blasts Octoroo and Octoroo gets away, knowing Serrator was a traitor.

Dayu feels the Harmonium and runs off. Serrator needs to find a special spot to make a big hole in the world. The six Rangers confront him. Dayu attacks Serrator and he gets away. She figures he didn't want to fix it. Serrator says he wanted Deker, saying she was a pawn. She tries slicing him and he says it took 200 years for her to figure out he was a liar. The girls notice they are fighting. Dayu is no tmatch for Serrator. It seems too fast of a fight and probably was cut down from the original. Lights flash and it is because of Xandred, who is angry at Serrator and plans to go to the Earth. The sky goes dark and rocks collect. They hear Xandred. Serrator is afraid. Out of the rocks, come a red light and Xandred appears. Octoroo says he can dry up. The six are scared.

Xandred starts cracking and blasts at the six. He tries bonding him and Serrator escapes. The Harmonium falls. Xandred fights Jayden, he goes super and uses the Bullzooka but is beaten up. Jayden demorphs and the others comfort him. Xandred gets the Harmonium and is drying out. Xandred tells Dayu that if she swears alligance to him, he will fix it and he does so and tells her not to defy him again. She promises and is a happily reunited with her instrument. Octoroo sends Xandred home. Giant Moogers arrive. Kevin tells Emily to take care of Jayden. Kevin goes Super Mode and calls for the zords. 

Inside Claw Armor Megazord, Blue is Super Mega. Antonio summons the Bull Zord. Kevin goes Shogun Mode for the first time and it looks pretty in blue. They destroy the monsters and carry Jayden home. Mia just goes for water and not a first aid kit. Emily cries. Xandred dives in the river. Serrator takes over the ship and says the world will be his. Octoroo is against this.

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Cadiaco82 said...

So, Maybe could be the appearance of Female Red Samurai Ranger?

Wow, i would like to see this!! And the chapter where Blue ranger is crying and fighting his samurai ethics!

Would be totally epic adaptation!