Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jetman SH FiguArts to be released in America and Canada?

 JEFusion report that Tamashii Nations' US distributor, Bluefin had announced on their official Facebook page that they'll be able to offer S.H. FiguArts Red Hawk in the US and Canada. S.H. FiguArts Red Hawk from Choujin Sentai Jetman will be released in Japan this August for 3675 yen.  Bluefin had stated that prices for the US release of these figures will be revealed later this week. S.H. FiguArts Red Hawk costs 3675 yen and will be shipped out on August 2012.

BlueFin is tied with Bandai, they are just the distributor. Bandai Japan makes it. But clearly Toei has to have a say in it. Since Saban doesn't own Jetman, I don't know officially but I personally think they have no say in it. Some fans do believe Saban has a say in it. For those new to Super Sentai, Chojin Sentai Jetman aired in 1991 and preceded Zyuranger, which became Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Red Hawk, Bouken Red and Deka Red are being released by SH FiguArts and being promoted by Akibaranger. No idea if there will be an Akibaranger logo in the packaging of Red Hawk. When the FiguArts of Shinken Red and Shinken Gold were released here in America, they had (still have) the original Japanese packaging. So most likely Red Hawk will have the same.

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Vickram101 said...

Next thing you know we'll be getting Go-Ranger - Jetman Dub on Adult Swim. XD