Friday, July 13, 2012

Bandai Power Rangers SDCC Showroom reveals Power Morpher, Megazord and more collectibles!

Sorry this is late, my internet was down. Big stuff revealed at Comic Con!
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 'Final Victory Ranger Pack'

 Box art thanks to snutoys2012.

 Deluxe ShinkenOH will be released

20th Anniversary ToyLINE
 All the Red Ranger helmets were displayed. The Sentai Series Mask Collection from a few years ago was displayed. From the signs of it they might be just an example and Bandai America might make their own in the future.

 Only 18 masks there, no Quantum (since they didn't make it in Japan), no Megaforce (since this was made in 2009), and surprisingly, they displayed Ryuranger from Dairanger, who never was a Power Ranger before. Who knows for the future?

'Armored Mighty Morphin Red Ranger'
 This figure seems to be about six inches tall and in similar molding to the15th Anniversary Red Ranger figures except no cuffs (thank god!). It also comes with painted Power Sword, Dragon Dagger, and Blade Blaster.

 Power Morpher Collector Edition
Comes with all five Power Coins and a holster. This appears to be similar to the original Power Morpher mold prop opposed to the original 1993 toy. My original toy broke so I am looking forward to this one! I am getting two because my nephew wants one.

 I hope a Dragon Morpher is not far behind.

Deluxe Megazord
The original Megazord gets a new mold and some parts out of DieCast.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Mask Set
The only one displayed is Tyranno Ranger helmet from Zyuranger as an example. Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow and Black Rangers will probably go along with the similar in-show molding accuracy. Since White Ranger is not included in the photo, I am to assume that he will be included with the Red Rangers of the other teams as he was included in the 20th poster to round up the Ranger count to 20.

Power Rangers Hot Wheels
Here are five of many to come cars from Mattel. Four are based on the Megaforce zords and one has the 20th anniversary logo. My nephew loves Hot Wheels so I will definitely be picking up these!

From Elie Dekel's Twitter

 Daizyujin (the original Megazord) from the Super Robot Chogokin toy series will be coming to America just in time to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of Power Rangers! Daizyujin is due out October 2012 and will retail for $60.99 plus tax. Pictures and info from:


Also Henshin Justice Unlimited spoke to Saban Brands President Ellie Dekel and it seems Gokaiger footage will be used for the second season of Megaforce. My personal opinion is that they should use the Gokaiger suits and not do a Season 2-Dairanger arrangement.


KaiFire said...

I'm pretty stoked about all this new merchandise, but honestly, I'm just really not digging "Megaforce". It is just way too generic. I refuse to believe that the creative minds behind this show (can't really blame the Toei people, but I can blame the people at Saban) collectively agreed on this...I'm hoping this is just a placeholder for an even better name.

And I am digging the Power Morpher. That looks great. Just so not to end this comment on a negative note! XD

Grzegorz said...

Was there a price tag for morpher? Because there is an option in poll ''expensive''.