Friday, July 13, 2012

Kamen Rider Wizard Toys

New toy catalogue scans show us Kamen Rider Wizard's arsenal.

 His hand sword gun.

 Wizard's bike is called Machine Winger and appears to transform into a dragon. 

 Wizard's rings can also summon small mystic creatures. In the toy series these will be called "PlaMonsters." Red is a Garuda, Blue a Unicorn and Yellow an Kraken. Strange since Blue is suppose to be water and Yellow land. 

WizarDragon can combine with Wizard -> Wizard Flame Dragon Style.

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Dessa said...

For the Plamonsters, red is Garuda, and yellow is Kraken. Not sure how they'd get "land" with Kraken, but I'm wondering if they're getting "water" with Unicorn from it's [at least partial] origins the narwhal? Either that, or it's an homage to Dairanger, which at least Power Rangers referred to the blue mech as a Unicorn?