Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bulges: Cups or Not to Cup #2

Two years ago I brought up the point that Dan Ewing (Dillon/RPM) brought up that Disney had the male cast members wear athletic cups. In the post, I hypothesized that Disney had athletic cups but Saban didn't have athletic cups. Now I have a new theory that in Samurai and Megaforce, they don't use athletic cups either, even for public appearances. So I decided to go more in depth into it. A fan who commented on the last post known as David brought up a good point, an athlete cup would make sense in the fictional world, they are fighting, they have the suits for 'protection' so they do need 'protection' there more than anywhere else.

Some people might find this inappropriate as I have close-ups so if you are interested, press 'read here' or if not, move on.

Let's start with Saban back in the day...

These are from episodes in the Saban Era and promotional images of the actual actors.
Top (Left to Right): Zhane, Carlos, Jason, Billy, Tommy
Bottom (Left to Right): Jason (again), Leo, Carter, Joel and Chad
The pictures aren't great but I think they did not use cups back in the day. You can see bulges and camel toe.  Well you can't see a bulge in the pic top right which is Tommy, I just wanted to show how it looked when there wasn't one.

 Disney Era Disney World
Top (L-R): Green Samurai Ranger (1), White Dino Ranger, Blue Jaguar Ranger
Bottom (L-R): Blue Jaguar Ranger, White Dino Ranger, Ranger Green
Okay these are the Public appearances done by Disney, mostly at Disney World, you can clearly see a cup, a round mound like a ken doll.

 Disney Era Show
Top (L-R): Flynn, Mac, Mac, and Chip
Bottom (L-R): Sky, Dillon, and Xander
Again you can see the athletic cup. I am not sure about the Chip or Xander pic. But the Dillon and Sky pic, clearly looks like a cup.

Saban Public Appearances
Left to Right: Megaforce Rangers, Gold Samurai Ranger and another Megaforce Ranger.
These are from the Comic Con of Megaforce Rangers as it is easier to see in white fabric. As for Gold Samurai Ranger, the pic is from Thanksgiving. It is hard to tell in pictures with the blank legged Samurai Rangers. 

Here are some of the pics in full size:

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