Monday, July 16, 2012

Power Rangers Megaforce: I Commend Saban Brands for readiness and efficincy

Power Rangers Megaforce hasn't even aired yet and the cast hasn't even been finalized (so of course they haven't started filming yet) but lots of measures have been taken. Since Saban Brands revealed Power Rangers Megaforce in June at the International Licensing Expo, we have seen various Megaforce things like the Graphic Novel, Mega Bloks figures, and the costumes. The reason I make a 'deal' about this because before Samurai, there wasn't much of this. We saw the MMPR Rangers at events and the Comic Con even after Samurai was announced. 

 Above picture of the Issue 4 of the Graphic Novel by Papercuts, picture thanks to

Above from
We saw the costumes at the International Licensing Expo and 2012 San Diego Comic Con. All five of them. As for the Samurai Rangers, we only saw Red and Pink in New York in October of 2010. We saw all five at the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade of 2010. Gold appeared later on at events after his initial appearance. Super Red Ranger at the last Toy Fair of 2011. 

Above picture from MMPRtoys Facebook.

 Megaforce Mega Bloks that came out at the International Licensing Expo. Pictures thanks to

So I am impressed that before 2012, we already see the Mega Bloks toys, costumes for events and graphic novels. The graphic novels irk me because they haven't even finished casting, so how will the Rangers look like? And I am glad to know that the Megaforce Rangers will appear at the Thanksgiving Day Parade. So meaning this might be an on-going thing where the future team appears at the Thanksgiving parade before the show debuts. Like how pictures of the Samurai action figures came out in September or so, I am sure we will get pics of the Megaforce toys from Bandai in the next coming months. 


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I'm pleased to see Power Rangers in comics again!

LUKE said...

a girl, wasn't that a spoiler for a character? I mean in Goseiger, is a boy...

Lavender Ranger said...

We don't know who that girl is. Plus they can change the cover like they changed the Super Samurai cover.

Jonathan said...

I prefer to think the best of people and am very happy Saban is so aggressive in promoting Megaforce after years of Power Rangers not getting respect by their owners. However, it is a little less impressive since half the footage has already been shot and finished 2 years ago. Don't get me wrong, kudos to Saban gearing up for it, but just not as special since we could've guessed what the things would've looked liked.

LUKE: I think that's supposed to be the Yellow Ranger. The Yellow Ranger is the only Ranger not seen on the cover. Of course, I could be wrong, that's just what I think she is. Of course, Lavender Ranger is right in what they could do if Yellow's actress looks nothing like the girl on the cover (if it is Yellow).

PS: I swear, a year from now, we're going to look at this post and laugh at a time when all the Rangers were just Goseiger counterparts. :D

James Spiring said...

I think the girl is supposed to be the yellow ranger. If a certain tweet has been interpreted correctly though (see Rangercrew's Megaforce cast discussion thread), said ranger is blonde and the graphic will need changing. Funny thing is, it was apparently originally written as a Super Samurai graphic novel, with Emily as the focus.