Monday, July 16, 2012

Megaforce Rangers at Comic Con and International Licensing Expo (and Samurai Rangers!)

UPDATED 7/16/12
 Pictures from Power Morphicon Facebook

 Daniel Southworth with the Samurai Rangers in front of the Megabloks mural at Comic Con 2012. He was there for the Power Morphicon Convention, that had a booth at the Comic Con.

Daniel Southworth (Eric Quantum Ranger) with young fan

SDCC MegaBloks Mural.

Following pics from MMPRtoys

Samurai Rangers with Megaforce Rangers in front of the memorial.

 This are from JustJaredJr

Following shared through Twitter:

Super Red Samurai Ranger mannequin (no shoulder pads) at a NY Toy R Us.

Above picture provided by Fury Diamond of Samurai Cast Blog of the International Licensing Expo.

Some people have said why I made a big deal about Quantum Ranger having the Red Time Force Ranger suit the memorial. I mean, it is not as important as world hunger, war, genocide and any other world issues. But I mean it was commissioned by Saban Brands, it is not that hard to access (which I help with) either. 


lionel_B said...

For me, Quantum ranger should not be there.

James Spiring said...

Since Eric's actor was actually there, I hope he pointed out the mural mistake!

Jonathan said...

Awesome pictures. Glad to see Daniel there. My favorite picture was of the Samurai rangers with their Megaforce counterparts. Kind of a cool Hand-Off/Team-up preview vibe. :)

Gabriel Fontoura said...

I cant' believe they are still counting Quantum as a Red. C'mon, what about Mighty Morphin Red Ninja? It was SABAN'S idea to cut RyuuRanger and stick with Tyranno Ranger. And if there'll be a "Forever Red II"? And Steve Cardenas wants to join the team? What suit will he wear? Can somebody PLEASE remind Saban about MMRN? 'Cause I don't know about everybody else, but I count the MMNR as a whole new team! Their power coins were different, and whenever a Mighty Morphin' Ranger morphs into the Zyu suits, they ALWAYS use the Dino coins (considering that Disney had NO IDEA 'bout the ninja powers and Saban forget 'bout them after Mondo showed his iron butt onscreen.)